10 Signs He’s Clearly Falling In Love (& 10 He’s Lost Interest) Based On His Astro Sign

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Relationships are confusing enough without having to figure out if your boyfriend is falling in love or losing interest in you. As a bonus, men aren’t typically known for just openly sharing all their warm, fuzzy feelings and emotions with the world.

Most of the time, we, as women, can totally handle and accept this. It’s all good. However, when we’re trying to figure out what we mean to him, that endearing stone wall he has up starts to get real frustrating. Things are going really great in your relationship, but does that necessarily mean he’s falling in love with you? I mean things are going great in my relationship with my best friends, too. How can we tell if our man is truly happy in the relationship, or if he’s searching for the quickest exit route?

What’s a girl to do if he doesn’t want to share his feelings just yet? What if he isn’t willing to open up completely until further along in the relationship? Well, that’s when it’s time to read between the lines. Men might be quiet creatures, but most times, their true feelings are screaming through their actions.

A man is going to give off clear signs on whether he is falling in love or if he is losing interest in you. And it can usually be even more pinpointed based on his astro sign and personality traits. Here are 10 tell-tale signs he is falling for you and 10 he’s lost interest.

20-Falling In Love: Capricorn & Aries Guys Will Show Her Off

Aries and Capricorn men have a lot in common when it comes to how they treat their women.

Both signs are completely devoted to the girl they love. They hold a special passion and persistence deep in their hearts.

When an Aries or a Capricorn guy starts to fall for someone, he is going to want the world to know. He will always be overjoyed and proud to have you on his arm. He will love introducing you to those closest to him and he will likely make a big deal about doing so. If he’s falling in love, he is going to want to show you off.

19-Lost Interest: Virgo & Aquarius Will Start Referring To Her As His Friend

Both Aquarians and Virgos are known for their friendly and open-minded personalities. They aren’t ones who enjoy deliberately hurting another person.

As they start to lose interest in a significant other, they might try to find the easiest way out.

You’ll be able to tell he’s lost interest in you when he starts referring to you as his friend to other people. He’ll start calling you a good “friend.” He’ll mention the two of you have a good “friendship.” Sure, he’ll say he’s glad you two are friends, but the key word here is friends. He likely doesn’t see you as anything more than that.

18-Falling In Love: Gemini & Capricorn Guys Will Support Her Dreams

The energy both Gemini and Capricorn men give to the world is undeniable. Capricorns use this oomph to push and achieve their goals in life. And while Geminis’ energy can be quick and frantic, they, too, are always up for brainstorming and working toward something.

Gemini and Capricorn guys who are really feeling their love interest will wholeheartedly support her dreams.

He will understand when you can’t give him your all because you’re working hard to achieve something. His open flexibility and support of your dreams will show you that he is falling in love with you and fully committed.

17-Lost Interest: Cancer & Pisces Guys Will Stop Making Plans

The Fish and the Crab both have a tendency to become isolated, out of touch, or uncommunicative when things start to go bad. Once you break through that impenetrable outer shell of Cancer men, you do get that soft and sweet inside, but when they start to lose interest, that outer shell can return.

The typically compassionate Pisces will retreat in literal terms when he starts to feel distant from you.

As that interest fades, these guys will likely stop planning any kind of time with you. If you notice he’s lost interest in making plans together, it’s probably because he’s lost interest in you.

16-Falling In Love: Leo & Aquarius Guys Will Clearly Tell Her

When a man tells you he loves you, you should believe him; especially if that man is either an Aquarius or a Leo. Aquarius guys are super friendly and innovative when it comes to group situations. However, they are also known wanderers and can feel uncomfortable around too much affection. So, if an Aquarius tells you he loves you, take that for what it is. He loves you.

On the other side, Leo men are headstrong and dive headfirst into anything without hesitating.

He’s not afraid of new experiences, and he is super protective over his loved ones. If you’ve been with him for a while and he tells you he loves you, he’s falling hard for you.

15-Lost Interest: Aries & Libra Guys Will Start Acting Rude

Your once nice and polite boyfriend has become completely rude and offensive. If this attitude lasts more than a couple of days, it’s safe to say he’s not just in a bad mood. He’s is likely losing interest in you.

Aries and Libra men are so caring and charming on good days, but on bad days, they can both be bossy and manipulative. And, if they’ve lost interest in you, chances are there are more bad days than good.

You’ll start to notice the Ram become self-centered and reckless. And the Scales will no longer be just and fair; their vain side will become more apparent as this rude behavior carries on.

14-Falling In Love: Taurus & Sagittarius Guys Will Introduce Her To His Family

A man will not take just anyone home to meet his mother. She has to be a special someone. The only girls that get taken home are the ones who he likely sees a real future with. If you get that family introduction, he’s looking for his family’s approval on his choice in mate.

He wants them to like you and accept you into the group. If he wasn’t falling for you, he wouldn’t waste his time on this step.

You will notice this sign in both Taurus and Sagittarius guys. While Sagittarians live for the adventure and fast-paced excitement, they are very dedicated to those they love. And Taurus yearn for security and stability in all parts of life.

13-Lost Interest: Leo & Pisces Guys Will Stop Putting Effort Into His Appearance

Can you imagine the bold and fierce Leo or the romantic and artsy Pisces not taking pride in their appearance? The only time this might happen is when they’ve given up and lost interest in impressing you.

If you notice your guy has stopped wearing his nicest clothes out on dates, or his grooming habits have dramatically worsened, then you might need to think harder on whether he’s lost interest in your relationship.

It’s true, this could also mean he’s started to feel comfortable with you. But if he is also scowling when you talk to him and walking away mid-sentence, then it’s not that he is just comfortable.

12-Falling In Love: Cancer & Pisces Guys Will Treat You With Respect

When you are treated with respect, you might never question whether your partner is falling in love with you. He’ll show interest in your day, he’ll value your opinion on serious matters, he celebrates your accomplishments. He does everything to show you that he respects you as a person.

When Cancer men care, they will show you in all the best ways. That hard wall will come down and he will hold you tight. He is nurturing, compassionate and patient to those he loves. Likewise, Pisces men are compassionate, kind, and sympathetic, too. After all, the Pisces are considered the ultimate romantic sign.

11-Lost Interest: Capricorn & Aquarius Guys Won’t Ask Questions

Your guy is usually so inquisitive. You got so used to him asking about your day and how you are doing, but now he’s gone quiet. He no longer asks questions. If this is the case, he’s lost interest in you. He probably doesn’t care to learn these things, so he doesn’t ask.

When they’re feeling the situation, Aquarius and Capricorn men are great at communicating. But if you find yourself on their bad side, you’ll get to know the cold and detached traits of these signs. Both signs can become out-of-touch, irrational and snobbish when they just stop caring.

10-Falling In Love: Virgo & Pisces Guys Will Make You A Priority

Does your guy sacrifice guy time when you really need him? Have you noticed he takes every open opportunity to send you a sweet message when he has time? If he’s starting to make you a priority in your life, he’s falling for you.

Virgo and Pisces men are both kind and caring. When they attach themselves to another person, that person becomes everything to them.

Virgo guys have the tendency to tend to another’s needs even more so than his own when he is starting to fall. And Pisces men are so open and intuitive, he will be aware of how to treat your needs.

9-Lost Interest: Taurus & Cancer Guys Won’t Call You Anymore

He’s stopped calling you, and he doesn’t want you to call him. This one should be plain and simple. A very big giveaway for when a guy has lost interest is when he doesn’t call anymore. When a guy is interested, he will make the effort to call and actually hold a real conversation with you for a period of time over the phone.

When Cancer guys become detached, they start becoming isolated and uncommunicative. Taurus men grow lazy and vain.

If he doesn’t care and has lost interest, he’s not going to make the effort to communicate with you.

8-Falling In Love: Virgo & Aquarius Guys Will Take Your Side

Even though we like to think we are always right, we women aren’t always right. I’m sorry; I had to say it. However, a man falling in love usually will not point out when you are in the wrong. He’s going to take your side. According to Language of Desires,

“He will want to support you and won’t stand for anybody ripping away at your foundation and trying to pull you down.”

Aquarius guys are open-minded, so if he can take your side he definitely will. And those Virgo boyfriends are completely loyal to those he loves, so you can count on him to back you up whenever you need it.

7-Lost Interest: Gemini & Capricorn Guys Will Become Vague

Capricorns and Gemini guys are both so social and open. They really enjoy sharing details and spending time with people they love. If your Capi or Gemini man has suddenly become super vague and stops giving details, he’s likely losing interest in you.

If it’s hard to get any straight information out of a guy, it’s because he doesn’t care enough to share it with you.

As communication starts to fade away, he will be too. When he isn’t willing to let you know about his plans or how his day is going, he clearly isn’t willing to make time for you or the relationship anymore.

6-Falling In Love: Scorpio & Taurus Guys Won’t Want Other Guys Around Her

Men do not like to share the things they love, especially not Scorpio and Taurus guys. This definitely goes for their girls, too, when they are really starting to fall. He’ll want to show you off, but he doesn’t want anyone to take your time away from him.

He will do this in a respectful way when he is falling in love, not in a controlling way. It is important to understand the difference with this.

He won’t make you feel bad about the unwanted attention you receive from other guys; he’ll just express further how much he loves that you are only his.

5-Lost Interest: Scorpio & Sagittarius Guys Will Ignore Her Texts All Day

Scorpios might be one of the most mysterious and misunderstood signs, but when they start blatantly ignoring you, the reasons should be clear. The same goes for Sagittarians. When they don’t care, they can be both tactless and flaky. Which can move them to ignore you.

You both used to text all day long, and you know he has a habit of staring at his phone all the time. So there is no reason he should be consistently ignoring your texts. If your guy barely responds to your messages, he’s probably just not interested in hearing from you anymore.

4-Falling In Love: Leo & Libra Guys Will Compromise

A lot of guys are born stubborn. You know, they’re raised to believe, “Me is man and me is right,” or something along those caveman ideals. If you’re with a Leo or a Libra, you are likely all too aware of this.

Compromising is huge for healthy relationships. If your man starts compromising with you on important decisions, you have to take this as a sign that he is falling in love with you.

He is valuing your feelings and your opinion and putting those over his own. This is huge. Even if he just compromises on what movie to watch or where to go to eat, it’s still a sign he’s falling for you.

3-Lost Interest: Leo & Scorpio Guys Will Pick Fights

Scorpios and Leos have to be two of the fiercest signs; you don’t want to get on their bad side. An angry Leo is can get cold-hearted and aggressive, and a scorned Scorpio is possessive and vengeful. A common thing that most guys do, but especially these two types, is pick fights with a girl when he loses interest in her.

It’s their way of trying to get out of being the bad guy in the breakup. He’s going to work on driving you so nuts that you’re the one that initiates the split.

A New Mode explains it as, “Maybe he gets extra defensive, maybe he picks at you, maybe it seems like he’s trying to get under your skin, maybe he intentionally does things he knows you hate.” Either way, that fight picking is a sign he’s losing interest in you.

2-Falling In Love: Scorpio & Sagittarius Guys Will Talk About The Future

Sagittarius and Scorpio guys are intense and so full of energy. Everything is exciting and new to them. The passionate nature within them will help them leap into you when they start falling in love. Even if he isn’t open to discussing all his feelings just yet, you might find he talks about the future. If that’s the case, he’s likely falling for you.

If he’s making plans for the future and has you there beside him in them, then he intends for you to still be around when the time comes. He sees a potential for a future with you and that’s important to him.

1-Lost Interest: Libra & Sagittarius Guys Will Make Excuses

When the relationship was fresh and new, he was all about you. He wanted to see you. He wanted to talk to you. He even wanted to breathe you. Now, it seems like he is always working, or never feeling well. He is making excuses to get out of spending time with you or talking to you. If you find that your guy is doing this, it’s likely because he’s not interested in you anymore.

An uninterested Sagittarius guy will seem flaky and careless. In an effort to spare your feelings, he’s likely to make excuses to get out of the relationship, rather than be straightforward.

The same will go for Libra men. They’re usually so kind and fair, so if they aren’t treating you in those ways, there is a reason why.

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