20 Interesting Facts About Libra

1. Libra wants to be the first person you come to for anything and you never hold anything back from them. 2. Libra are the kind who freak out waiting for a text but then they realize they are the ones who didn’t reply. 3. A Libra will try to please you , even if they aren’t pleased. 4. Libra people are too direct and others just can’t take it. Better to be direct than two faced. 5. As a Libra,Your intellect, your reasoning skills and your… charming way of communicating makes you stand out. 6. Libra likes to have lovers by getting to know each other like a friend first. 7. Libras say what they want when they feel to, they do not care if you like them or not. 8. Libras are known for their random acts of kindness. 9. A Libra will love you & love you, until you give them a reason not to, then love you some more still but from a distance. 10. As a Libra,You are the most passionate when in a luxurious, warm and fuzzy place. 11. Libras don’t care about what he said or she said about you, we wanna know first hand who you really are. 12. When Libra is silent, they are either over thinking, tired of waiting, falling apart, crying inside – or all of the above. 13. Libra with their keen mind can easily help you see the right choice that needs to be made but cant seem to do that to their own life. 14. Libra will do anything to maintain a good relationship and make others feel good about themselves. 15. You can talk till the sun comes up, but you wont beat a Libra in an argument! 16. Libra has trouble making decisions because they dont know if it will upset the balance of things. 17. Libras are natural flirts and ironically they dont even try to. 18. Libra are always in motion and thinking and that’s why chances favour them most. 19. Libras aren’t hard to please but aren’t easily impressed either. 20. As a Libra, you will follow your investigations into whatever it takes.]]>