20 Interesting Facts About Scorpio

1. Scorpio observe and learn people without even thinking about it. 2. Tell a Scorpio that they can’t do something & they’ll be the FIRST to do it better than you ever thought they could. DontUnderestimateUs 3. A Scorpio needs a true ride or die and someone to understand that they only get jealous because they care too much. 4. Scorpio You have a very intense & bright energy inside of you. Let some of it out today! 5. A Scorpio female can be as sweet as a kitten but will turn…  into a tigeress in an instant! 6. Scorpio can be unusually impatient and they expect others to give their all, just as they do. 7. As a Scorpio you love understanding the “way of things”. 8. Scorpio is the most vindictive sign of the Zodiac. Dont piss them off. 9. Scorpio have no problem letting people go when they know they can do better. 10. What Scorpio appreciates in another person: Depth 11. A Scorpio woman may want you, but she doesnt need you. 12. Scorpios are disciplined, have great willpower, and are very sensitive 13. Scorpios are passionate people that are capable of great love, great anger, and greatness in general. 14. Scorpio’s are good lovers, the type you wont ever forget. 😉 15. Scorpio are easily annoyed because they get impatient. 16. However, although strangers usually only get one chance to cross a Scorpio, friends are excused from time to time. 17. When a Scorpio looks at you, they are undressing you with their mind. 18. Scorpio girls don’t dress to impress boys, they dress to “out-dress” other girls. 19. Scorpio will forgive you,but they will never forget. They will remember every little detail of the argument even if it was a year ago. 20. A Scorpio is a rock when drama bursts onto the domestic scene. They can offer a protective shield for those who are more vulnerable.]]>