20 Zodiac Combos That Have A Tough Time Getting Along


Some people seem to just click. They just share the same mindset, they get a good vibe from each other, and they seem to get along with no issue. And sometimes, this initial spark of friendship turns into romance, and it seems like they were just meant to be together.

On the other hand, this definitely isn’t the case for everyone. Some people may feel an initial connection and get together because of it, but over time, that first spark disappears and problems begin to occur. Maybe you’ve been in this situation yourself, or maybe you have some friends who are experiencing something similar right now. And you might find yourself wondering why people who seem to click so well when they first meet can end up in a relationship that heads south.

Well, here’s the thing about compatibility: your zodiac sign often has a lot to do with it. There are certain signs that may feel like couples really have a shot when they meet, but over time, they realize that this isn’t the case. Once you learn what those false signs are, those little conflicts make sense. Here are 20 zodiac combos that have a tough time getting along.

20-Aries And Cancer Become Impatient With Each Other

Aries and Cancer both feel everything deeply. Because of Cancer’s tendency to get attached to people fast and the Aries habit of moving into relationships and friendships very quickly, these two signs often end up falling for each other.

However, over time, they will discover that they become impatient with each other far too often.

Cancer will often want more from Aries than they can truly give and Aries may become frustrated by this. While these two might seem like a compatible combo in the beginning, as time passes it will become clear that they don’t click as well as they thought.

19-Taurus And Leo Are Too Intense For Each Other

Taurus and Leo might be attracted to each other at first because of their shared intensity—but unfortunately, this is also the quality that could bring them down in the end. Yes, Taurus will see how Leo is so passionate about everything they do and will want to get to know them better because of it. Leo will often feel the same way about Taurus. But the truth is that these two don’t balance each other out—and relationships need balance and compromise. These two are so intensely passionate about completely different things that the passion itself will end up coming between them.

18-Gemini And Virgo Are Never On The Same Page

Gemini and Virgo might feel a spark when they first meet simply because they are so different from each other. This can lead to curiosity and they might be tempted to give romance a try. While this idea seems fine at first, it will always go downhill in the end.

Those same differences that seemed so intriguing at first will prove to be such a challenge for the couple to overcome that they may just give up on the relationship.

They are just on different pages about their values. They don’t really want the same things out of life or relationships.

17-Libra And Pisces Struggle To Communicate

When Libra and Pisces meet, they realize that on the surface they definitely do have some important things in common. They both value the finer things in life, they both have a creative streak, and they both often struggle with feeling sensitive and self-conscious. But at the end of the day, these signs simply do not have the same communication styles. Pisces is much quieter and more subdued than Libra, and Libra is more social than Pisces and may try to push Pisces out of their comfort zone too often. Eventually, they will simply have to go their separate ways.

16-Scorpio And Sagittarius Get Bored Of Each Other

Talk about instant attraction! Scorpio and Sagittarius almost inevitably feel that special spark when they meet.

Both signs are very passionate when it comes to friendship and love and it is common for a friendship between these two signs to blossom into a romance.

But unfortunately, that spark they feel at first will die out when they begin to get bored with each other. Yes, they have a fast connection at first, but it’s just not meant to last. They likely won’t be able to sustain those same feelings and over time, they will slowly begin to just drift apart.

15-Pisces And Gemini Let Each Other Down Easily

It may seem odd that Pisces and Gemini would even become friends in the first place, let alone take steps towards a romantic relationship. While it’s fairly rare, it does happen—but unfortunately, these signs are not compatible in the long-term. Gemini will often feel attracted to the creative spirit of Pisces, and Pisces will feel inspired when they see how Gemini has the power to connect people. But Pisces can’t be the free spirit that Gemini needs to be with, and Gemini cannot give Pisces the commitment they truly desire. These two signs will only let each other down in the long run.

14-Capricorn Is Too Serious For Cancer

Capricorn can see just how caring and sweet Cancer is, and Cancer often feels impressed upon meeting Capricorn—after all, this sign generally does have quite a long list of accomplishments. It’s easy to fall for Capricorn!

But the truth is that these two signs have totally different mindsets when it comes to, well, basically everything in life.

Capricorn can be super serious and business-like at times- but on the other hand, that’s not how Cancer approaches life at all. Eventually, they often find that they’re barely able to have a real conversation with each other without disagreeing on important things.

13-Aquarius Feels Overshadowed By Leo

Aquarius and Leo getting together in the first place might seem out of the ordinary, but it happens more often than you might think. Leo is attracted to Aquarius because they stand out in a crowd, and Aquarius feels the same way about Leo. However, as you may already know, Leo is one of the most confident signs in the zodiac while Aquarius is quieter and more subdued. As time goes on, Aquarius will realize that being with Leo means feeling overshadowed and overlooked more often than not. They usually end up deciding that the relationship is no longer worth it.

12-Aries And Scorpio Want Different Things

It’s clear why Aries and Scorpio might feel a connection right off the bat: both of these signs like to jump into things without a second thought.

While it can be fun to live life spontaneously like Aries and Scorpio, rushing into important decisions can often leave them with feelings of regret.

They may decide to be together simply because of that initial connection, but that’s not much to build a relationship on or even a friendship. Over time, these two signs usually realize that they want totally different things, and they need a love that goes beneath the surface.

11-Taurus And Virgo Are Just Too Similar

Ah, Taurus and Virgo, two earth signs who both like to keep things down-to-earth and mind their own business. They’re also both super organized. The two definitely make great coworkers—they will always have their projects finished well before the deadline—but sometimes, they may try to make an easy friendship into a relationship. They go into it assuming that they will never fight because they’re so similar, but in the end, that’s exactly what will drive them apart. Both of them need a little more variety in their lives, and they need someone who shows them a different side of life.

10-Libra And Aquarius Are Prone To Bickering

Libra and Aquarius fall into that category of signs who think they share the same values and interests when they first meet but as some time goes by, they realize that they gave each other the wrong first impression.

This is not an easy realization to come to, but as they start bickering and getting into little disagreements more often, it’s a hard truth that they must come to accept.

Libra cares a lot more what other people think than Aquarius does, and while Aquarius doesn’t mind this at first, it always starts to get under their skin at some point, resulting in arguments.

9-Sagittarius And Gemini Have Trouble Committing

Sagittarius and Gemini are both two of the most spontaneous and free-spirited signs in the zodiac. Naturally, when they meet each other, they will instantly feel like they were meant to be friends. This will often turn into romance. But when two people who rarely commit to anything try to date, well, you can probably guess that it does not always turn out well. What ends up being the final straw in the relationship? Their struggles to communicate. They are always forgetting to answer texts and return phone calls and they are likely to flake out on plans with each other, too.

8-Capricorn And Aries Have Different Plans For The Future

Now, at first glance it may seem like Capricorn and Aries don’t have enough in common to even feel attracted to each other in the first place, but that’s not entirely true.

Both of these signs work very hard to go for what they believe in, and because of this, they often form a connection.

However, they both value different things: Capricorn truly loves their work, while Aries is trying to build a lifestyle that will allow them to have more freedom. When they realize this very important difference, things will probably start going downhill and they will struggle to get along.

7-Pisces And Leo Disagree On Key Values

When a Leo sees a Pisces going after their creative passion with everything they have, it’s hard for them to not feel some sort of attraction—even though Pisces and Leo are as different as night and day. Yes, this combo may get together, and things may be fun for a while. But they do disagree on some of their key values in life and that ultimately brings things to a standstill. For example, Leo loves to be in the public spotlight while Pisces would rather hang back. Also, Leo is one of the most extroverted signs while Pisces is one of the most introverted.

6-Virgo And Libra Can’t Get Past Small Talk

Virgo and Libra are two signs that you might actually expect to be compatible—but the truth is that it usually doesn’t turn out this way.

These two might hit it off at the beginning, and sure, they’re great at making small talk with one another.

And this can often convince them that they should take things a step further—for instance, they might decide they want to go on a first date. But that will quickly fizzle out as they sit down and start chatting. At this point, they’ll only realize that their connection with each other doesn’t go beyond small talk.

5-Sagittarius And Capricorn Thought Opposites Could Attract

It would be a challenge to come up with two signs who are more different from one another than Sagittarius and Capricorn. How could this combo ever work? Well, sometimes these signs do decide to give it a try. Why would they? They often find themselves wondering if opposites could attract. Unfortunately, this sounds great in a movie script, but it rarely turns out that way in real life. Capricorn is too driven and serious for Sagittarius, who just wants to relax and have fun. It’s no wonder that these two signs rarely even become good friends—it’s just the stars!

4-Taurus And Aquarius Can’t Find Much In Common

There’s a reason that Taurus might start falling for Aquarius: like Taurus, Aquarius is actually quite down to earth for an air sign and they both prefer to walk their own path in life rather than try to fit in with other people.

But overall, these two signs lack something important: shared interests.

Aquarius is much more artistic than Taurus while Taurus doesn’t usually have many creative hobbies. Taurus is also a lot more content with being a homebody than Aquarius. Because of this, Aquarius will eventually start feeling restless and at some point, they will decide to finally just say goodbye.

3-Scorpio And Cancer Get Too Serious, Too Soon

No doubt about it: Scorpio and Cancer can both be super intense when it comes to friendship and romance. They just don’t know how to go halfway—they are either all in or they’re not interested at all. But unfortunately, this is almost guaranteed to cause problems along the way. What happens when two people get way too serious in a short amount of time? Well, we’ve all seen it before: they end up burning out. These signs realize that they rushed things, and then they have to accept that they got caught up in the moment without getting to know each other.

2-Leo And Gemini Start To Get Competitive

Leo and Gemini have the potential to instantly feel a great connection. These signs actually share so much in common that it’s easy to see why they click so fast. They are both super social, they love to make new friends, they are always open to trying new things.

But here is where the problems arise—both of these signs are quite competitive.

You can see where this is going! When they spend too much time together, it is basically inevitable that they will start competing with each other after a little while, and that’s where the problems start to crop up.

1-Taurus Is Too Stubborn For Pisces

The fact that Taurus is an earth sign and Pisces is a water sign should already be a clue that they may not be the best match out there. However, it’s pretty common for these signs to give it a try—Taurus often enjoys hanging out with Pisces because they are so easygoing, and Pisces feels like Taurus helps keep them grounded. But the truth is that Taurus is simply too stubborn for Pisces. Pisces has a very laid back, “go with the flow” attitude, which is not really compatible with the Taurus mindset. They generally don’t stay together long.

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