24 Dating Mistakes We Always Make (Based On Our Astro Sign)


We’ve all made our fair share of mistakes over time with relationships and for some people they feel that there is no way to correct those mistakes. But that’s not true at all. If you take a look at your astro sign, you can learn a lot about yourself and by doing that you can see why you tend to make certain mistakes.

It’s a given that we all have our faults and regardless of how hard we try, there are certain things we may continue to do because it’s based on our own makeup. By researching your sign, you can see where you are falling short and how to work on it so that you can try not to continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. We want our relationships to last longer and to run as smoothly as possible. Who wouldn’t? By looking at your sign, you can see where you need work and even where your partner could use some work so that you can overcome these dating mistakes and stop making them. Check out these 20 dating mistakes we always make (based on our astro sign).

24-Aries Are Moody

Sorry Aries, but it’s the truth. Aries are passionate women, but they can also be moody in a flash. If you are in a dating situation and you are going hot and cold on your man regularly, he may not want to stick around. Seriously, that would be frustrating at times.

We assure you, no one likes mood swings, especially since he may not know what version of you he is going to get at any given moment.

That can make dating hard. A great thing to consider is to get your moods under control because your partner doesn’t really deserve to get the brunt of your moods.

23-Aquarius Don’t Play As A Team

A dating mistake that Aquarius women are making is that they are being too independent instead of playing together as a team with their partner. You have to let your partner in instead of being distant all the time. You could be pushing people away because they think you are emotionally unavailable. When you first start dating, it’s important to include them in your life and to stop ditching them when you find something more exciting to do. A great way to cure this is to find someone who can keep up with you.

22-Taurus Can Be Stubborn

Taurus is stable and reliable individuals, but they are also really stubborn. You may have the perfect image of your relationship stuck in your head and it would be hard to get that idea out of your head. The problem with being stubborn when you are dating is that you can start to make your partner feel as if the relationship is one-sided. Sometimes you have to allow your man to run the show too, it can’t always be your way or the highway.

21-Pisces Are Too Trusting

Pisces can be too trusting in the dating world, which could mean that you could get burned very easily. Unfortunately, women who are too trusting tend to end up with men who are untrustworthy. Sometimes, you have to protect your heart more. You tend to fall a little too quickly. So how do you get around this? You need to save your heart for someone who wants to give just as much to you as you give to him, otherwise, your heart might get crushed.

20-Gemini Can’t Make Up Their Mind

Geminis are for sure the women that sit there and can’t figure what to have for dinner. The big mistake that Geminis make when dating is they have trouble making up their minds. Trying to figure out a date with a Gemini can be torture. Your partner may get annoyed by you pretty easily.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to find a partner who is very patient.

Your partner can also become annoyed because you are always seeking an answer from them instead of making up your own mind.

19-Cancer Has Trouble Trusting

You can see why this might cause you some problems in the dating world. The dating mistake you are making is not letting go when you start dating someone.

It takes a while for you to come out of your shell and not everyone is willing to wait around for that.

It can be hard for a guy to get to know you if you back off at the first sign of danger. Cancers also have a hard time letting go of a relationship, even if it’s abusive. It’s okay to be careful in love but don’t stay in a shell for too long.

18-Leos Can Be Selfish

Leo women love to be the star of the show and they don’t like sharing the spotlight. The dating mistake you could be making is trying to be the center of attention all the time. Your man could be telling you a story and you will suddenly make it about you. This can make dating difficult because your man is going to get annoyed. Even when your man gets sick a Leo will try to compare their level of sick is compared to when they were sick months ago.

17-Virgos Worry Too Much

Virgos are loyal and hardworking, which can make them wonderful partners to have. The problem is that they spend a ton of time worrying or rolling a bunch of “what ifs” through their mind.

This can be stressful on the guy you are dating, especially if he’s more chill than you are.

The fact that a Virgo is hardworking can make worrying worse because they work so hard to be successful in life. Your partner can become fed up with you because all you do is worry. They want to enjoy life and you will need to let go of your worries.

16-Libra Tries to Fix Things

As a Libra, you are level-headed but that can hurt you when you are dating someone new. You are always fair, almost to a fault, and you have a habit of trying to “fix” things. You will try to change someone by helping them without realizing that people will not change if they don’t want to. You want to take care of your partner all the time and that can leave you burnt out. The mistake you make in a relationship is that you hate arguing, so you are likely to just cave. You have to be honest with your relationship and work through things in a healthy way.

15-Scorpios Can Be Vengeful

Scorpios are not to be trifled with and your man is sure to realize that when you start dating. Scorpios always work hard in a relationship but if you cross them they can become volatile.

They hate to be lied to and will hold a grudge.

The dating mistake that you are making is that you will never let your man forget the mistakes that he makes. The best thing you can do in the dating world is realizing that no one is perfect. Holding grudges may cause your partner to feel like he has to lie to you to prevent you from getting volatile.

14-Sagittarius May Be Too Open

Sagittarius is very open and spontaneous, so the idea that you are being constrained in your relationship can cause problems. Your dating mistake is that you have a hard time committing to people because you want to be free.

You are willing to sacrifice in a relationship, but you don’t want to be tied down.

So how do you make a relationship work? You need to find someone who is just as spontaneous and free as you are. You don’t want to start dating a homebody when all you want to do is be free in the world.

13-Capricorn is Goal Driven

Your dating mistake as a Capricorn is that dating is not your top priority. Your career and goals for your life will always come first.

You can be seen as selfish as you work hard to rise to the top and achieve your dreams. You know this about yourself, so sometimes, you avoid dating altogether.

You can also become closed off in a relationship and you could be thought of as cold. The best thing you can do for yourself is to consciously make time to invite someone else into your life.

12-Aries Plays Games

It’s probably unanimous that no one likes to play games in a relationship, that is unless you are an Aries. Guys will get bored of game playing after a while and that’s why you may be finding your relationships to be short-lived. You like to keep things interesting and that’s why you play games, but your guy is left feeling like he can never please you. Don’t make your man constantly compete for your attention or he’s going to find the relationship too demanding.

11-Taurus Get Caught Up By Looks

Stop getting distracted by those abs and foxy blue eyes. It’s easy to get taken up by some guy’s handsome good looks but you don’t want to date a guy just for his looks. Instead of allowing yourself to be swept up by how handsome he is, slow things down and see if there is anything else about him that interests you. Sooner or later, you might discover your hot boyfriend is really boring, so your goal should be to look beyond the looks.

10-Cancers End Up In The Friend Zone

Girls can end up in the friend zone just as easily as a guy can. Cancers can be overly loving and caring to the point where they walk themselves right into the friend zone.

You can’t be so empathetic with a guy that he thinks you would make a better friend than a girlfriend.

If you want to be his girlfriend, then you have to have boundaries. You don’t do everything for someone unless they are your boyfriend.

9-Leos Like The Bad Boy

You already know where you are going wrong with this one. Chasing after the bad boy all the time is only going to bring you pain in your life. Leos can date any type of guy that they want and yet, they always gravitate to the bad boy. It’s a rare day indeed that a bad boy will actually change his stripes. You’re going to get hurt so make sure that you date a guy that isn’t going to break your heart.

8-Virgos Are Too Picky

One thing a Virgo can be doing to sabotage her dating life is being too picky when she is looking for a man. You might meet a man and then say to yourself he doesn’t make enough money or you don’t like the way he dresses. You have to start looking beyond external things, in other words, stop being so darn picky. There is no one out there that is perfect and if that’s what you are looking for, then you are always going to be disappointed.

7-Libras Talk About Their Exes

Shame on you! Just kidding, but seriously, you have to stop talking about your ex to your own man. Libras like to bring up their exes whether they are complaining or not.

We all talk about our exes at some point, but if you are bringing it up too much, your man is going to get annoyed.

No guy wants to keep hearing about the last guy that you dated. Let your past go and focus on your future with your new guy.

6-Scorpios Can Be Intense

Scorpios like to move fast, but that has a lot to do with the passion they feel in a relationship. You can get intense in a relationship and if your guy isn’t ready for that, he may bolt. You can’t start talking about your future children on your first date without freaking your date out. Try to slow things down and let that information come out naturally instead of forcing the issue. We also warn you to not try to force your man into a relationship too soon.

5-Sagittarius Talk Too Much

What we mean is that Sagittarius tend to talk a lot about themselves. We know that it’s not because you are full of yourself, but you just need to dial back a bit when it comes to how much you do talk about yourself. First dates can be hard, but don’t be so nervous that you rattle on to the point that your date gets sick of hearing about you. Slow down and allow your date to have a word in edgewise as well.

4-Pisces Will Wait Forever

Picture yourself being in a relationship for seven years without an engagement ring. That can be what it’s like being a Pisces in a relationship.

You will wait around forever if you happen to be dating someone with commitment issues.

The same goes for being exclusive. You are willing to wait forever and that’s the dating mistake you are making. You are allowing someone else to have control over your happiness. Step up and make it clear that you won’t wait forever, and you will get the happiness you deserve.

3-Capricorn’s Over Plan Everything

That can be annoying after a while if you are someone that has to organize everything that you do. Sometimes, it’s just fun being spontaneous.

The worst part is that a Capricorn can freak out if her plans get messed up in any way.

A guy may not want to deal with the fact that you are so strict with plans. It’s okay to chill out sometimes. What’s even better is allowing your date to have a say in the plans as well. You might be surprised how much fun you can have just by being spontaneous sometimes.

2-Aquarius Can Become Stalkers

Sorry, but it’s true. You girls won’t just go and get to know someone the old-fashioned way. If anyone is going to cyber stalker a man before they go on a date, it’s an Aquarius girl. You want to know everything right now and you don’t care how you get the information. You may talk to his co-workers and friends and asking your own friends what they think of him. It could e a big mistake doing this because a guy will find it downright creepy.

1-Gemini You Make Excuses For Him

A Gemini will think that her man is the most talented person in the world even if he’s been without a job for a year.

He may tell the worst stories and you will tell people that he’s a talented storyteller.

You see the best in people no matter what. It’s not a bad quality but it can also put you in a position where someone can easily take advantage of you. Just be careful that you aren’t looking at your man with rose-colored glasses.


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