5 Things You Need To Know If You're Friends With A Virgo

Virgos make some of the absolute best friends you will ever have during your time here on Earth, so knowing how to care and nurture your relationships with any Virgo friends will serve you well.
Here are five things you should know about your Virgo friends:

They’re always willing to help

Virgos make the best friends because they give you room to be yourself. You never need to worry about saying what’s on your mind or venting about the problems in your life.
If you ask them for advice or help, they feel grateful that you asked them, so they’ll go out of their way to make a difference for you.

They’re only loyal when they receive loyalty

Virgos are some of the most loyal friends you will ever have, but only if they get the same in return. If you ever cross your Virgo friend, you can expect to be cut out of their life posthaste. Be a good friend to your Virgo pals.

Sometimes you have to coax them out of their comfort zone

Virgos absolutely love the comfort that comes with occupying their safe spaces. If you’re the type who loves spontaneous adventure, convincing your Virgo friends to tag along with you can make you want to pull your hair out.
They’ll likely need every single detail about what’s happening before they even think about coming with you.
Just reassure them that everything will be okay, and that it will be fun for the two of you.

Virgos need to feel appreciated

Certain things that might not bother you will almost certainly bother your Virgo friend. They’re highly aware of how you act toward them, what you say to them, and (sometimes more importantly) what you don’t say to them.
Their feelings are kind of sensitive, so it’s easy to hurt them accidentally. You can win back their favor with just a small gesture of appreciation or gratefulness.

They’re easily embarrassed

Virgos have a bad habit of taking things way too personally, even when it’s completely irrational to do so. They often think that people are staring at them in judgment because of how self-conscious they are.
Just let your friend know that they’re fine. They look fine, they’re acting fine–everything is fine.