Reality about zodiac sign Capricorn..!!!!!

Capricornus is among the faintest constellations, just above Cancer. The 40thlargest constellation, Capricornus measures 414 square degrees and contains two stars with known planets. It sits among the other constellations of the water genre, including the water-bear Aquarius, the whale-like sea monster Cetus, the fishes Pisces and Eridanus, the river. Capricorn is the tenth astrological sign in the zodiac. They are master of self-control and has the potential to be a great lhelp, they are very sympathetic. In facts, the Capricorn is the strong friend, they will always be there to help, they are very sympathetic.

Interesting Facts About Capricorn Personality

1 ) Capricorn is always keen to mix things up. 2 ) Capricorn don’t talk or listen. They observe and if it interests them *then* they pay attention 3 ) Capricorn is the type to always give someone the silent treatment when they are upset. 4 ) Capricorn is the sign that can either bring joy or chaos to your life. 5 ) Loyalty is the key to everything with Capricorn. 6 ) Capricorn smile is their best defense against haters when they simply don’t give a damn. 7 ) A Capricorn will never ask another person to do something they wouldn’t do themselves. They don’t like depending on other people. 8 ) Capricorn can be the sweetest person until you piss them off.


1 ) Capricorn make long-term friends. They dont do shallow. 2 ) Capricorn’s are intimidating until… 3 ) Capricorn never stop till the end. 4 ) Capricorn’s are dreamers. However, when they wake up, they become doers to realize those dreams. 5 ) Capricorn usually keeps watching and listening rather than responding to what you say. 6 ) Capricorn’s are great at calling people on there bullsh*t! 7 ) Capricorn are compassionate as well as sympathetic. They make excellent best friends. 8 ) Capricorn’s may appear to be hardened people who don’t care about much but inside they are sensitive and often romantic. 9 ) Capricorn’s are aware of the walls they build. 10 ) Capricorn’s grows in life from the experiences we have encountered, not by lecturing! 11 ) Capricorn are caring people but if you get on their BAD side there aint no returning. 12 ) Capricorn people think that they have failed themselves by not fulfilling a goal that had been set. 13 ) Capricorn ladies hate being co-dependent. They need to do their own shit in order to feel satisfied. 14 ) Capricorn have a unique sense of humor. Not everybody will understand their motives, however, as they are a bit out of the ordinary. 15 ) Capricorn bluntness can be a double edged sword. Color The color of choice for Capricorn is brown. Most dark colors do well for this sign. Gemstone Capricorn’s star stone is the black onyx. Lucky Numbers Capricorn’s lucky numbers are 6, 8, and 9. Compatibility Capricorns are most compatible with Taurus and Virgo. Opposite Sign The opposite sign of Capricorn is Cancer. The Perfect Gift The best gift for a Capricorn is something practical or multi-functional. Likes Family events, music, work, traditions. Dislikes Show-offs, frivolous errors, excess, tardiness. House Natural sign of the Tenth House. This house focuses on reputation, profession, authorities, and status.
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