Find Your Native American Zodiac Symbol & Its Meaning

Find Your Native American Zodiac Symbol & Its Meaning

Have you ever heard of the Native American Zodiac? It’s based on the belief that every person when he or she is born is assigned to a specific animal and these symbols help you identify your sign and the personality traits it encompasses. These symbols were actually based on the Native American tribes that lived on these areas.

If you want to learn what symbol you are according to the Native American Zodiac we recommend you read on and find your sign.

1.The Otter (01.20 – 02.18)

If you were born between the 20th of January and the 18th of February you’re an otter. This sign is special in its way of looking at things and is quite unique for it. Otters are intelligent and have a vivid imagination, personality traits that give them an advantage over other signs. They’re quite perceptive and intuitive as well, they’re amazing friends, loyal, sensitive and sympathetic. They’re honest to the fault and courageous at heart. They’ll always show their support, listen to your problems, understand your difficulties and always be by your side in your times of need.

Main traits: independent and friendly

They get along with: ravens, falcons and dears

Favorite color: silver

Best day: Saturday

Best time of day: 11PM to 1AM and 11AM to 1PM

2.The Wolf (02.19 – 03.20)

If you were born between the 19th of February and the 20th of March you’re a wolf. Wolves are known as lovers and their main trait is that they let their heart lead their actions and always do what their heart tells them. Their love simply radiates and spreads on the people around them. They’re also gentle, passionate and always willing to give love.

Main traits: gentle and generous

They get along with: woodpeckers, snakes and brown bears

Favorite color: green, blue

Best day: Thursday

Best time of day: 1PM to 3PM

3.The Falcon (03.21 – 04.19)

If you were born between the 21st of March and the 19th of April you’re a falcon. Falcons are known as excellent leaders with a sense for the right decisions. They’re sharp-minded and can function well under pressure. They’re always punctual, pragmatic and never miss a target. They do well in team sports and take advantage of every opportunity that comes along.

Main traits: powerful and spontaneous

They get along with: salmons and owls

Favorite color: yellow, green

Best day: Tuesday

Best time of day:3AM to 5AM

4.The Beaver (04.20 – 05.20)

If you were born between the 20th of April and the 20th of May you’re a beaver. Beavers enjoy being in control but they also know when to be flexible. They’re quite adaptive to almost any situation and have no problem adjusting themselves to the surroundings. They’re highly responsible and will manage every task given to them with maximum efficiency. They’re strategic and can be cunning in their business manners, but they’re also generous, loyal, helpful and compassionate.

Main traits: determined and methodical

They get along with: woodpeckers, gooses and brown bears

Favorite color: yellow, blue

Best day: Friday

Best time of day: 5M – 7PM, 5AM – 7AM

5.The Deer (05.21 – 06.20)

If you were born between the 21st of May and the 20th of June you’re a deer. Dears are known for their sense of humor, inspiring nature and creativity. They always light up a room with their witty comments and remarks and everyone loves being around them. They can strike up a conversation with anyone about anything and everything, they’re so versatile that it seems like you can talk with them forever. They’re the soul of every party and everyone enjoys their humor.

Main traits: communicative and smart

They get along with: ravens and otters

Favorite color: yellow, blue

Best day: Wednesday

Best time of day: 7PM – 9PM,  7AM – 9AM

6.The Woodpecker (06.21 – 07.21)

If you were born between the 21st of June and the 21st of July you’re a woodpecker. Woodpeckers are supportive, great listeners and full of empathy. They will always listen to your problems, provide support and comfort and give advice when you need them to. Whenever you’re in a jam, the woodpecker will be there for you. This makes them good friends, loving partners and understanding parents. They’re also deeply romantic, devoted and loving.

Main traits: Sympathetic and protective

They get along with: snakes, beavers, wolfs

Favorite color: pink

Best day: Monday

Best time of day: 9PM – 11PM, 9AM – 11PM

7.The Salmon (07.22 – 08.21)

If you were born between the 22nd of July and the 21st of August you’re a salmon. Salmons are known for their creativity, intuition and high energy levels. They’re quite intuitive, confident and highly focused on the job at hand. They’re also almost contagiously confident and enthusiastic which makes them excellent motivators. They’re outgoing and make new friendships easily. They’re highly intelligent and generous at heart.

Main traits: proud and confident

They get along with: owls and falcons

Favorite color: red

Best day: Saturday

Best time of day:11PM – 1AM, 11AM – 1PM

8.The Bear (08.22 – 09.21)

If you were born between the 22nd of August and the 21st of September you’re a bear. Bears will always tell you the truth no matter what and won’t sugarcoat anything. They’re highly methodical and practical, which makes them realists to the core. They also have a big heart and are very giving persons. They may seem modest and shy at times but if you get close to them they’ll show you their loving side. They’re patient and mild-mannered, which makes them excellent at mentoring and teaching jobs.

Main traits: Methodical, modest and practical

They get along with: gooses and beavers

Favorite color: brown and purple

Best day:  Wednesday

Best time of day: 1PM – 3PM

9.The Raven (09.22 – 10.22)

If you were born between 22nd of September and 22nd of October you’re a raven. Ravens are charming, enthusiastic and born for business. They have an energy flow that radiates and sips on to the people around them. They can be idealistic and romantic, intuitive and patient, personality traits that make them a good partner. They’re so simple to talk to that almost anyone they meet considers them a friend.

Main traits: charming and friendly

They get along with: otters and dears

Favorite color: blue, brown

Best day: Friday

Best time of day: 3PM – 5PM

10.The Snake (10.23 – 11.22)

If you were born between the 23rd of October and the 22nd of November you’re a snake. Snakes are amazing spiritual leaders which have ties to the ethereal realm and are in tune with the spirit world. Their healing abilities and mild personality makes them adapt well in medical professions. They’re caring and sensitive at heart, but can be dark and secretive due to their higher spiritual level. They have a good sense of humor and can be helpful to everyone around them.

Main traits: ambitious and impulsive

They get along with: woodpeckers and wolfs

Favorite color: violet, orange

Best day: Tuesday

Best time of day: 5PM – 7PM, 5AM – 7AM

11.The Owl (11.23 – 12.21)

If you were born between the 23rd of November and 21st of December you’re an owl. Owls are friendly, easy going, naturally warm and highly adaptive to their environment. They live life to the fullest and are always on the look out for the next big adventure. They are easy to talk to and can go on and on for hours on a single topic. They strike up a conversation with ease and thanks to their adaptive nature and versatile personality they can excel in almost anything they set their mind to do.

Main traits: adventurous and independent

They get along with: falcons and salmons

Favorite color: gold and black

Best day: Thursday

Best time of day: 7PM – 9PM, 7AM – 9AM

12.The Goose (12.22 – 01.19)

If you were born between the 22nd of December and the 19th of January you’re a goose. Gooses are ambitious and dedicated to their job which means they always complete all their obligations successfully. They are natural achievers and highly driven, which means once they set a goal in mind they’ll do anything in their power to overcome every obstacle in their way to success. These traits make them excel at sports and business. When it comes to the emotional side, they’re known as passionate, sensual and romantic partners.

Main traits: serious and reliable

They get along with: brown bears, ravens and beavers

Favorite color: white and silver

Best day: Saturday

Best time of day: 9PM – 11 PM, 9AM – 11AM