Here’s His Definition Of “Soulmate Material” Based On His Astro Sign.

Men can be odd and frustrating sometimes. One minute they are spouting the sweetest verses in the history of romance and the very next they are off on a 7-day video game binge with their buddies – without letting you know where they are.

So if you are madly in love with someone right now and are wondering what type of woman could hold his attention forever, astrology has got some pretty good answers for you. After all, a man’s star sign can tell you a lot about his core personality and tastes in life, even if it doesn’t paint the full picture. And this is especially true once he crosses the 30-year-old threshold.

Read on to find out whether your personality matches his definition of “soulmate” material, including his preferred flavor of romance, based on the element of his astro sign: air, fire, earth, and water.

20-Fire Signs: Warm, Dynamic, And Always ON

Warm, dangerous, and fast. These are some adjectives used to describe fire guys. And the fire signs of the skies – Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo – are just like that.

That’s why romantic relationships with these signs are considered to be the best. After all, fire is a passionate element and prefers to surprise us when we were least expecting it. Much like the way your fiery man waltzed into your life!

Knowing this, it’s not hard to understand why these fire signs prefer women who are just as warm, dynamic and agile as they are. Anything else would just dampen their lively spirit!

19-Aries Man: He Wants A Partner-In-Crime

The Aries man is a force of nature. After all, his astro sign is ruled by Mars, the planet that stands for everything male.

That’s why he isn’t the type to look for his “soulmate” at first. In fact, he prefers playing the field in his early days just so he can boast about his conquests to his mates. But all that changes once he meets his match.

Who is she? An unconquerable soul, that’s who! A woman in whose presence he feels like he has finally found his partner-in-crime. The one who will conquer the world side-by-side with him.

18-Leo Man: Looking For His Biggest Fan

Does this really surprise you? After all, the Leo man is known for his pride and incessant need to be the center of attention. But there’s a catch.

You see, the Leo man has a lot of fangirls squealing around him already. Guys like him, who have dollops of magnetic charm, usually do. But the girl who ultimately ends up capturing his heart and taking it off the market completely is both a fan and a superstar in her own right. Someone who wants to be praised for her awesomeness just as much as she praises him.

After all, only royalty marries royalty!

17-Sagittarius Man: Falls For The Funny Girl

The Sagittarius man is a total goofball with a snarky-sweet sense of humor. It’s odd, believe us! And the reason behind that is the amount of knowledge he has knocking around inside his brain. Where do you think he comes up with all those intelligent one-liners?

And because women love a man with a great sense of humor, he lands dates with the ladies left, right, and center, wherever he goes. But just dates, mind you since he believes settling down is equivalent to knocking the nails into your own coffin.

Well…that is until he meets the funniest girl on the planet. The one who matches his wit snark for snark and is just as open to experiencing life like him. That’s when he finally understands why there’s so much hullabaloo around finding one’s soulmate. Because he’s found his own, and she’s amazing!

16-Bonus: Leo Men Are The Most Romantic

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are the three fire signs. That’s why their approach in love is fiery in nature: it’s extroverted, enthusiastic, creative, and fun.

But the sign that takes the cake for being the most romantic is Leo. That’s why those who have the good fortune of dating a Leo man always have the best tales to tell.

From coming back home to surprise candlelit dinners to love notes left in your purse, being in a relationship with a Leo is a joyride. And his soulmate can attest to it!

15-Water Signs: Searching For His Other Half

You should think twice before you choose to go in deep with a water sign. After all, water can quench your thirst just as easily as it can drown you. And that’s the distinct flavor all watery romances are imbued with.

The only difference is, water is a shape-shifter. Sometimes hard and sharp, like cold glacial ice and other times rough and turbulent, like the waters of a stormy sea. This variable nature is the reason why all water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces – want just one thing in love: the other half of their soul.

14-Cancer Man: Wants Her To Feel Like Home

The Cancer man gets a lot of bad press because pop astrology pieces love to portray him as some kind of loose-cannon waiting to happen. But that’s a foolish stereotype used to subtly shame kind-hearted, emotional souls like him.

The truth is, a Cancer man is a family man through-and-through. Someone who will always put his relationships before his career and ambitions. And that’s the reason why he always ends up with the biggest investment portfolio out of all the astro signs. Even Capricorn!

After all, the one who is emotionally strong can weather any crisis in real life, including stock market crashes, surprise pink slips, and other uncontrollable nasties. That’s why when he finds a girl who can make his home a safe haven from the storm outside, he makes sure he never lets go of her.

13-Scorpio Man: Wants Her On His Team. Always.

The Scorpio man is intensity personified. And that can scare away a lot of people after the initial tryst of passion has subsided. After all, most people don’t enter relationships hoping to merge with their partner for life. They are in it to have fun and are okay with letting things unfold as they may, good or bad.

That’s why a soulmate to a Scorpio man is the one who can withstand his intensity and need for complete loyalty. After all, she’s just as intense as he is and wants the same thing: a partner she can fall back upon without a doubt.

12-Pisces Man: Needs His Muse

The dreaminess of a Pisces man has been eschewed since time immemorial. But that’s because it’s true. He truly has the softest heart out of all the astro males. And the most creative too!

That’s why a soulmate to him is always his creative muse. The one whose presence inspires him to create his greatest masterpieces by unleashing the sides of him he has always kept hidden away in his subconscious.

The only problem is, he has a tendency to give that title to the first person he falls in love with. And when their relationship falls apart (which happens with most first loves), he tends to pine away for her even after he gets another girlfriend.

11-Bonus: Relationships Are Priority No. 1 For Cancer Men

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the astrological water signs. That means their core personalities can be likened to water: deep and mysterious when still and awe-inspiring when it thunders down a waterfall or crashes against the seashore.

Nevertheless, the one sign who seems to really understand relationships the best out of this lot is the Cancer man. And it’s because he is selfless in love.

The Cancer man understands that love is not about finding the one who never stirs up your insecurities (because our insecurities are for the individual to heal). Neither is it supposed to be a selfish way to remain inspired all the time. Love is about giving your best to the other and about never taking such a good thing for granted.

10-Air Signs: He’s Searching For That Spark

Air can be cold or warm, fast or languid, as freaky as a tornado or as musical as the breath flowing through a flute. And that’s the flavor that tinges the romances where at least one partner is an air sign – Gemini, Aquarius, or Libra.

That’s why the airy men of astrology tend to gravitate towards women who inspire their minds, spark their imaginations, and are a real treat to converse with. In fact, they absolutely love it when she is more intellectual than emotional.

That’s because air isn’t heavy like water. Nor is it grounded like earth or dynamic like fire. Air is adaptable and always finds a way around an obstacle if there’s even a small opening!

9-Gemini Man: Looking For Happy-Go-Lucky

A Gemini man may not be perpetually happy. But he definitely is perpetually on the lookout for something new to do or talk about!

That’s why he tends to flit from relationship to relationship like a butterfly searching for juicier sap to drink up. That is until he finds the girl who blows his mind with her crazy stories, changeable nature, and fun personality.

That’s who he believes is his soulmate. Someone with whom he can laugh and learn and frolic around town with 24/7, all the days of the year!

8-Libra Man: Wants A Social Butterfly, Like Him

The Libra man is a sweet boy at heart. He knows how to talk well and is chivalrous to a fault. That’s why he doesn’t have trouble finding a new girlfriend and always has a plus-one to take with him to every vent he is invited to.

And that’s the key to understanding a Libra man. He loves to socialize and be part of bigger and bigger social circles each year. Is his desire for a social bee really so surprising now?

After all, his soulmate has to be as socially adept as he is. Otherwise, they would get kicked out of all the circles!

7-Aquarius Man: Wants His Intelligent Conversationalist

There’s no fun in being the only smart guy in the room. And the Aquarius man knows it the best. After all, he liked being that person for a while until he realized dumb can be infectious. Especially if you are dating dumb.

That’s why, for the Aquarius man, intelligence is his top criterion for a girl he would consider his soulmate. After all, if you are destined to spend forever with your soulmate, she’d better be smart so she can keep up with his brilliance.

In fact, he loves it more when she can outsmart him.

6-Bonus: Gemini Men Are Never Boring

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius the astrological air signs. That’s why they tend to be more flighty than grounded. In fact, most air signs are better thinkers than doers.

That’s why they excel in industries that rely heavily on communication and why their preferred companions are just as intellectual as they are!

But all intellectuals are not good communicators. (Hint: Aquarius). And that’s where the Gemini man trumps them all, making him the most interesting man out of all these air guys. Just remember: flexibility is the key to a Gemini man’s heart.

5-Earth Signs: He Falls For A Humble Heart

If there is one thing you can be sure of in this world full of uncertainties, it’s the ground underneath your feet. That is until an earthquake tears through your city and crushes the mightiest skyscrapers around town.

That’s what a romance with an earth sign is like, whether you are with a trusty Taurus, a campy Capricorn, or a vested Virgo. It’s reliable and stable…until you decide to rock the boat too heavily.

That’s why all earthy men look for a humble woman to build a home with when they think of a soulmate. They want someone they can rely on and who will be the bedrock of their life.

4-Taurus Man: Searches For A Pillar Of Support

The Taurus man is a traditionalist. And that’s because he is stubborn to a fault. In fact, he’s the kind of guy who will keep voting for the same political party even when they become a house full of greedy degenerates.

That’s why his dream woman is always an ultra-feminine lady who is stereotypically everything a woman should be. Namely, beautiful, nurturing, and a strong pillar of support for her man.

If that sounds like you, congratulations. The Taurus man is a loyal lover and when he believes you are his soulmate, he doesn’t leave any stone unturned in the quest to give you the best life possible.

3-Virgo Man: Wants Her Complete Acceptance

The Virgo man is hypercritical of himself. He doesn’t like the food he eats, the job he does, and the way he behaves. But there’s a silver lining to all this self-loathing. It’s his reason to keep working on himself and get better.

That’s why when he meets a woman who doesn’t criticize him at all and is very accepting of who he is, he feels like he has found his soulmate.After all, she is the balm to his wounded hypercritical heart. The one who makes him believe he is perfect even when he knows he is not.

2-Capricorn Man: Wants To Share Values

The Capricorn man is also a traditionalist like the Taurus man. But he isn’t as resistant to change. He just prefers being the one who makes the rules. And that’s because the Capricorn man lives his life in a very principled manner.

How else do you think he climbs the ladder of success?

Therefore, the woman who wins his heart is always the one who shares these intrinsic values with him. Values of discipline, hard work, and diligence. After all, they are not just the recipe for a successful career. They are the recipe for a good and proper life.

1-Bonus: Virgo Men Love To Help Out With Household Chores

Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn are the three earth signs. That’s why they are the most grounded of the whole lot and more focused on the material world than the other signs.

The only catch is, a lot of earthy men tend to dump the responsibility of building and maintaining a home on their partners. But not the Virgo man.

So if you want someone who loves working around the house and doing his share of the household chores, he is the best man for you. And he isn’t the type to do it half-heartedly. He’s a perfectionist, remember?

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