Here’s The One Thing That Makes Each Sign Feel Vulnerable (His & Hers)


We all have those secrets, the ones that we’ll never, ever, tell anyone. They usually have to do with something we’re scared of and whenever we think about them, they give us anxiety. The last thing we want to do is let the world know what our number one vulnerability is, and risk others ridiculing us or taking advantage of us because of it.

However, if we keep trying to hide the one thing we’re scared of, we’ll never be able to overcome it. You can’t continue to live in fear of being judged for the one thing you’re absolutely vulnerable about. That’s why we grabbed our astrology specialists and had them narrow down exactly what we are scared of, based on each sign’s energy. Trigger warning: you may feel a little exposed!

Don’t freak out! We’re also here to give you some good advice for how to overcome this one vulnerability that is keeping you in the past. It’s time that you decide to break out of this fear and instead improve yourself in all the ways you’ve always wanted to. You’ll feel much freer once you stop worrying about the one thing that is bringing you so much stress in life. While we all have vulnerabilities, we also have the power within us to overcome any one of them!

24-Pisces Woman: Telling People Her Dreams

You have endless dreams that help keep you going when life gets tough and almost unbearable. They mean absolutely everything to you, as sometimes they are all you have to motivate yourself and keep going.

That’s why the absolute last thing that you want is to be judged for something that means the world to you. You won’t be able to hide from ridicule and judgment forever, especially if your dreams are completely out of the ordinary. Instead, you’re going to have to fully commit to your dreams if they’ll truly make you as happy as you think they would. The last thing you want is to later look back on life and regret that you didn’t follow your goals. If you’re seriously committed, it’s time to tell the world about your fear and ignore any criticism that might come your way!

23-Pisces Man: Being Judged By His Appearance

While you’re pretty embarrassed to admit this, you’re not alone. Basically, 99{5ad6ea240d2df6bc5f9eb18247808ea73ae4adcbe5ca29164977841893978e9a} of people feel vulnerable by their appearance, as it’s the first thing that people around you judge. It’s a completely normal worry that you shouldn’t stress over.

If you think it’s a good idea to live your life in fear of being judged for your appearance, you’re more than wrong. Constantly stressing over how you look will drive you completely insane as you overthink every little detail. Simply make sure to always look your best, while setting a time limit. If you know that you’re doing all that you can to come off as attractive, then you will! However, we recommend that you make sure to always be confident as that will easily overpower any good or bad looks whatsoever!

22-Aquarius Woman: Social Outings

As an Aquarius, you always put your best foot forward, as you completely understand how important first impressions are. However, you’re constantly worried about looking and acting your best, stressing you out completely.

You’ll have to understand that you simply cannot control someone else’s opinion of you.

While you should continue to present yourself in the best light possible, don’t stress yourself out completely. People are always going to have their own opinion, and it’s almost impossible for you to change their point of view. What’s more important instead is simply what you think of yourself. That is a million times more significant than what the rest of the world thinks of you!

21-Aquarius Man: Keeping Up A Conversation

As an Aquarius, you’re known to space out when things get a little tough and overwhelming. That’s why it completely stresses you out to know that you might have to keep up with a conversation you either don’t know much about or simply don’t care about having.

It’s time to understand that you don’t have to be in any conversation that you simply have no desire to be in. You don’t owe anything to anyone, except for yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable discussing a certain topic, simply don’t. No one is forcing you to say anything as only you have the power of your words. Don’t stress out that you might not be able to keep up with someone, simply do whatever is best for you!

20-Leo Woman: Being Lied To In A Relationship

You’ve definitely had a rough past, which may put stress on any future relationships you might have. The last thing anyone wants is to be taken advantage of by their lover.

It’s the worst feeling in the world, but there is absolutely nothing that you can do about it.

Don’t let this vulnerability stop you from actively seeking love! We can’t guarantee that your partner will always be 100{5ad6ea240d2df6bc5f9eb18247808ea73ae4adcbe5ca29164977841893978e9a} honest with you, but there is a good chance they will be if you open yourself up to it. While it’s completely reasonable that you might feel more than vulnerable, don’t let your fears stop you from finding yourself in a romantic relationship. Open your heart up to all of the possibilities out there!

19-Leo Man: Talking About His Past

You’re so over your past that you don’t want to even think about it. Whenever your thoughts come across the past, you immediately start to become anxious and stressed out. You have to remember that you do not owe any explanation for your past, and don’t even have to bring it up.

If you keep thinking and obsessing over the past, you won’t be able to leave it behind and instead will only mess up the present and future. If you ever feel pressured to discuss your past, remember that you do not owe anyone anything. Instead, it’s time that you completely forget about the past and work towards the future. However, if there is anything holding you back to the past, it’s time that you come to terms with it and figure it out before it continues controlling your life.

18-Sagittarius Woman: Her Partner Leaving Her

Love is a scary endeavor that has no guarantees to end smoothly. It’s a roller coaster of emotions, depending, of course, on your relationship.

Don’t stress yourself out that your partner will leave you, as that’s the last thing you should be wasting your energy on.

Instead, it’s time that you shift your focus to the present to better the relationship you currently have. If anything, stressing over your boo leaving might just actually happen as you ignore strengthening what you already have with your partner. Stressing about the future leaves you ignoring the present and all that you’ve built with your lover. It’s important to focus on what you have, and trust that your partner is doing the same!

17-Sagittarius Man: Telling A Bad Joke

As a Sagittarius, you’re completely hilarious and everyone knows it! However, sometimes it feels like rather than being naturally funny, you’re forcing jokes to come out that don’t exactly add up. That’s why you’re more than vulnerable that you’re going to let a bad joke slip and automatically lose your funny reputation.

The best advice that we can give you is to make sure that you simply don’t overreact. There is no point in stressing yourself out to always act funny. Instead, you have to ditch all of your worries and let the jokes come to you naturally. Don’t stress out if you’re not automatically being funny. Let the jokes come to you and make sure to not force anything that doesn’t make sense!

16-Scorpio Woman: Feeling Like A Failure

As a Scorpio, your standards are so high that almost no one can reach them, especially you. You’re constantly hard on yourself that you’re not able to reach all of the goals that you’ve established.

When you set crazy goals for yourself, you’re obviously going to feel like you’re not achieving all that you should be. However, when you instead shift your focus to lowering your standards, you’ll feel a million times better about yourself. Set goals that you know you can actually meet and will stay motivated to do so. Once you dominate those, simply raise the bar little by little until you’re absolutely on top of everything!

15-Scorpio Man: Letting His Guard Down

It often feels like the whole weight of the world is on your shoulders, stressing you out completely. That’s why you often feel incredibly vulnerable when you let your guard down, as you don’t know what’s to come. You’re so used to being ready to fight whatever the world throws at you, as you don’t know anything else.

However, if you keep up this constantly stressed-out behavior, it isn’t going to help anything. You should be willing to let your guard down here and there to experience what is really going on. You don’t know what the universe will bring to you if you truly open up. If you instead remain completely freaked out that you’re going to be taken advantage of, nothing good will come of that.

14-Cancer Woman: Falling In Love

We are completely with you on this fear. The last thing we want is to get our heart broken by someone we absolutely care about. That’s why we often hide from love, for fear of what’s to come.

As a Cancer, it’s time that you understand that hiding from love will only bring you heartache and regret.

If you meet someone special who you hit it off with, you should see where things go with this person. There is no guarantee that they will break your heart, and maybe you just might break theirs. When we enter a relationship, we have to recognize that we simply can’t control the outcome. Instead, we have to run into things with our hearts wide open and accepting of what’s to come. While it might be scary at first, we promise that you’ll feel happier than ever!

13-Cancer Man: Being Taken Advantage Of In A Friendship

As a Cancer, you are one of the most genuine astro signs out there, always making sure to put other people first. You’re so used to being there for your friends, even though it sometimes feels like you aren’t being appreciated in the same way. That’s why you’re more than vulnerable that you’re going to be taken advantage of by the people around you.

You are so used to offering everything that you have to people, that it often feels as if they don’t appreciate you. You’ve been taken advantage of in the past by the people you absolutely adore, so you put on a harsh front just to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. However, these people aren’t exactly your friends if they’re constantly taking advantage of you!

12-Aries Woman: Having Her Faults Exposed

As an Aries, you’re always making sure that everyone around you thinks you’re the best. Overall, you’re absolutely awesome and work hard for your reputation.

That’s why the last thing that you want is for your faults to be exposed.

While it would feel like the absolute end of the world for your vulnerabilities to be shown, it’s actually not that big of a deal. We all have a few bad qualities that we would like to keep to ourselves, but there is no guarantee we can do so. Simply remember that your true friends won’t care that you’re not always on point, and others simply aren’t that important. Make sure to work on any faults you might have to lessen the stress of them being exposed.

11-Aries Man: Feeling Like He Has To Impress Everyone

You’re so used to being the absolute best at everything that you do, that you feel absolutely defeated when you act any less than perfect. While you’re a little embarrassed to admit this, it’s the absolute truth and overall you’ve come to terms with it.

However, you are still so vulnerable that you constantly have to put this amazing front up when around people. You, alongside everyone you know, are absolutely used to you being the best. Yet, if you keep on living this lifestyle, walking on your tippy toes to impress everyone around you, you’re going to go absolutely crazy. It’s time that you stop stressing over all of this and instead focus on bettering yourself to your own standards. Forget about everyone else’s opinions and listen to your internal desires!

10-Capricorn Woman: Being Around Attractive People

We all feel self-conscious that we’re not exactly the most beautiful butterfly out there. This usually gets much worse when we find ourselves surrounded by incredibly attractive people that we feel we can’t compete with.

If you find yourself in this situation, it’s time to stop stressing and instead appreciate the beauty around you!

The truth is that there will always be someone more attractive and more intelligent than you. However, you have the power within you to decide how confident and hardworking you want to be. Those two qualities will help you win the world over, once you understand that you have the power to control your life. People will be a million times more attracted to you once you stop caring what people think!

9-Capricorn Man: Not Knowing The Outcome Of A Situation

It’s hard to try something completely new when you don’t know the outcome. You have to blindly jump into the unknown to figure out what’s to come. It’s scary and stressful, but something we all need to do.

You can’t keep ignoring situations just because you don’t know the outcome. There is no guarantee for anything in life, and you shouldn’t freak out just because you’re in the dark like the rest of us. If you don’t try new things, you simply won’t be able to grow. This is absolutely critical for moving to the next stage in life. Let go of all of the fears holding you back and be a little vulnerable. While you might feel overcome at first, you’re destined to figure it out as you go!

8-Virgo Woman: The Fear Of Getting Hurt

Life is an endless array of games and obstacles. You never know who you can completely trust, and who has your back through thick and thin.

That’s why as an intelligent Virgo, you obviously fear that the people you love most will eventually turn on you and hurt you.

You absolutely adore everyone around you and would be absolutely heartbroken if they were to hurt you. However, if your relationship with these people is as good as you believe, you have nothing to worry about. However, take some time to figure out if this fear is sparked by hidden issues from past relationships that you’re simply ignoring. If so, then you’ve figured out the root of your fear for getting hurt.

7-Virgo Man: Speaking In Public

You’ve had a few embarrassing situations in the past that completely stressed you out. It felt like absolute torture to have these events come to light, and is the last thing that you want to happen again. That’s why you made a promise to yourself that you won’t end up in these sticky situations anymore.

While we definitely understand your stress, you’re not doing anything to overcome your fears. Instead, your fear of speaking in public is only holding you back. We promise that you will eventually come across another situation where you will be forced to express yourself to the world. You might as well get to practicing now, in order to overcome your fear when the time comes. We’re positive that you can do anything you put your mind to!

6-Gemini Woman: Not Being Accepted For Who She Truly Is

As a Gemini, you sometimes feel like you have to constantly switch masks depending on who you’re with. It’s not like you’re exactly doing it on purpose, instead, you’re simply able to adapt to other peoples personalities.

It’s time that you stop wearing a mask and show the world who you really are!

You’re absolutely amazing and there is no reason you shouldn’t make that known. If you keep on switching who you are, you’ll end up having to deal with endless emotional trauma. If you end up losing a few people once you show your true colors, let it be. There is no reason for keeping people around just for the sake of it if they aren’t your true friends.

5-Gemini Man: Only Having 1 Option To Choose From

You are so used to everything going your way, that when it doesn’t you feel put off. You totally understand that life is what you make of it, and aren’t about to live in confinement. That’s why you’re vulnerable when you figure out that you only have one option to choose from.

It’s time that you understand that life sometimes forces you to go a certain way. While you might want to find a back door to go through, there is no chance that it will happen. Instead, maybe it’s a good idea to simply go with the flow and see how things will end up. Especially if you don’t know which way to go! Think of it this way, the universe is trying to make things easier on you by forcing you to go a certain way in life. Buckle up for the ride and go with it!

4-Taurus Woman: Being Criticized For Telling The Truth

Often times, you feel as if you’re living in fear of being your true self. You often adapt to situations, making it your priority to not offend anyone or anything.

This usually means that you’re manipulating the truth just so everyone around you can be happy. While it’s very noble of you, this will eventually come back to hurt you immensely once people figure out that you’re lying. While it might hurt a little to be criticized for finally telling people the truth, it’s a better bet. It’ll be even worse once you’re caught in a lie and the people around you are no longer willing to trust you. Do yourself a favor and make a promise to always speak the truth!

3-Taurus Man: Simply Not Being Good Enough

You are not alone when it comes to this vulnerability. The truth of the matter is that everyone, at least at one point in their lives, questions whether they’re good enough or not. Take some time for yourself and figure out everything you’re awesome at. This will be a great exercise to give yourself the credit you totally deserve.

However, if you feel like you’re not good enough, don’t ignore it. Perhaps there genuinely are areas in your life that you can improve. Simply ask yourself a few questions such as: are you working hard towards bettering yourself, or are you being complacent? If you’re complaining that you’re not everything that you could be, then you’d better get ready to work at it. We promise you’ll see amazing results and will lose all of the worries that you’re not good enough!

2-Libra Woman: Not Having Anyone Be There For Her

Life is an endless array of games that we’re constantly trying to win. No one in life is guaranteed to be by your side, except for yourself.

We can’t even blame you for being scared of being left alone and in disarray.

Sadly, it’s completely possible and shouldn’t be something that you ignore. However, it’s time that you understand that the only person you can truly rely on is yourself. While you should definitely open your heart and arms to those around you, it’s not guaranteed that they will always be there. Instead, it’s time that you focus on strengthening yourself to be able to get through whatever situation is thrown your way. Once you can depend on yourself, others will be able to depend on you too!

1-Libra Man: Opening Up To His Lover

While it might be scary, you’ll have to do it eventually. If you think you and your new significant other can simply be in a loving relationship filled with lies, you’re way off. Instead, if this person is right for you, you’ll have to open yourself up completely and let them into your lives.

However, question if the reason you’re not willing to open up is instead due to the fact that this person might not be right for you. There’s a large probability that perhaps this is the case. If you’re head over heels, then give them your heart. We guarantee that you will see your relationship flourish when you let this new person into your life. While love can obviously be messy at times, it’s also one of the most magical experiences humans have!


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