Here’s what fictional *~witch~* you would be, based on your zodiac sign

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October is upon us and Halloween is fast approaching, beckoning us to unleash our inner witches upon the mortal world. Yet, we have to wonder, which witch would we be? Would they be filled with light or have a tinge of dark magic? And most importantly, what powers do they wield within? To find out, we’re looking to the zodiac signs (and to the lovely astrologer Jessica Adams), to help us uncover which fictional witch would cast her spell on us.

Your eccentric disposition often causes you to exhibit streaks of independence. That’s why your loved ones often see you as progressive, while still being friendly and easy to get along with, of course. With this in mind, we can picture you jumping on a broom and heading off on an adventure to meet new friends and help whomever you meet along the way. Just like Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service. No matter where you travel, you’ll always have the power of friendship on your side as you work to do good in this world.

Many see your imagination as a work of magic, Pisces. This is especially the case when you use your artistic inclination to bring your fantastical ideas to life, using them to escape reality as you create your own dreamland. Someone else who also has their head in the clouds and amongst the stars? Harry Potter’s Luna Lovegood, who was lovingly described as giving off an aura of “distinct dottiness.” Now, put on your spectrespecs and get to letting your whimsicality roar like a lion.

With your courage, determination, and optimism, you are often misunderstood – that’s because, on the outside, it may seem as though you’re aggressive and temperamental. But that’s only because no one understands just how passionate you are about whatever task is before you. You are a leader who likes a challenge and there’s nothing wrong with that – especially if it leads you to the Emerald City. In other words: We feel that Elphaba, The Wicked Witch of the West, is your mystical soulmate. Just beware of flying monkeys (though you likely have them under control already).

To balance out your practicality, you have your love of beautiful things. Though you are reliable and responsible, that won’t stop you from treating yourself every now and then. As a witch, it’s likely that you’d occasionally use magic when the mood strikes, but no more than that. You don’t want to abuse your powers, after all! Just like Bewitched’s Samantha, who had the patience to bridge her two worlds and make them one. A little magic goes a long way, no?

Since your life is anything but routine (which would have you bored in no time), we imagine that you’re constantly adapting to new situations and circumstances. Essentially, it’s never a dull day for you and your dynamic personality. That’s exactly why we see you as a Sabrina Spellman, whose curious, yet gentle, nature constantly kept us on the edge of our seats. We never knew what she would do next, but one thing we realized along the way: Her life was never, ever uneventful!