Taurus And Gemini Compatibility


 Trust can be a real issue with this couple. Gemini is not all that trustworthy when someone tries to tie them down. Taurus, in most cases, lives for the day when they will be tied down with someone simultaneously. If they don’t start their relationship on a clear and truthful foundation, where the first thing they learn about each other would be the level of commitment each of them wants, a true problem with trust will easily arise.Gemini partner will start thinking of excuses to get out of any obligation imposed on them by Taurus, only to avoid hurting their feelings. In response, Taurus will sense something is wrong and start obsessing about their partner’s behavior and the things they say. This can come to the point of absolute distrust between them, especially if Taurus gets really angry and “vindictive” in their usual passive and stubborn manner.


 It is not very likely they will share their emotions with ease and enjoy each other the way they might with some other zodiac representatives. Still, there is a gentle side to Taurus that can melt down even the coldest of hearts. In most cases, their best chance of a loving relationship is in the love Taurus feels. We wouldn’t say that Gemini is insensitive or unemotional, but they certainly have different approach to their emotional nature than the Earth sign of Taurus, that exalts the Moon.


 While Taurus values the Earth, the material world, their emotions and what is stable in their life, Gemini values the Universe, the world of ideas, their rational mind and change. This is where their differences and element natures strongly diverge. They should really try hard to accept the true value of both their worlds in order to work out their differences.


 They could find activities to enjoy together, but not at the same pace. Gemini likes things fast, while exciting, and Taurus would like to examine everything from the beginning to the end, set the value on each activity and thoroughly decide if they would want to repeat it or not. This will drive their Gemini crazy. It is best for both of them to walk, a lot, for this can keep Gemini grounded, while Taurus always needs movement not to end up in a static, inert, horizontal state. They could connect their passionate natures through some kind of art, especially if they managed to find a way to create something together. With Gemini’s ideas and Taurus’ practical sense, combined with the need for beauty, this should be a true work of art.


 The relationship between Taurus and Gemini doesn’t give much promise to begin with. Still, the fixed quality of the sign of Taurus can give them enough endurance and persistence to last in their intent to be with a Gemini, long enough for them to really get to know each other well. Although their chances to reconcile their differences are slim, if Taurus partner puts their whole heart into it, they might manage to become the most relevant part of their Gemini’s life as their base and their reliability in everything they do. In case they accept each other completely, Taurus will give Gemini their connection to planet Earth, to their body and their daily routine, giving them the base for health and normal functioning. In return, Gemini will give their Taurus wings and, better yet, teach them how to fly.