This Is What Makes Him Powerful, Based On His Sign.


All humans have the potential to be powerful. We’re all born with one skill, talent or character trait that sets us apart from the rest, and helps us to rise up and achieve our maximum potential. It’s a shame to let all that potential go, so it’s good to identify what your strengths are as soon as possible – and use them to your advantage.

The signs in astrology tend to have common traits that make them powerful in their own way. For the fire signs, it’s all about the control they have over their minds, and their ability to think positively, persist with tough situations and evaluate all decisions carefully. The earth signs are the best at dealing with stress and pressure and staying grounded when they feel tempted to fly away with the wind. The air signs are among the most intelligent of the signs, and it’s this intelligence that can help them become great. When it comes to the water signs, they tap into their natural stores of bravery and honesty to earn the respect of those around them and win at life.

Even though you feel powerless at times, you still have the potential to be great. Read on to find out what makes a man powerful based on his sign.

20-The Fire Signs Use Their Minds To Get Ahead

The fire signs have a lot going for them. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are confident, daring and outgoing signs with strong personalities that others either love or hate.

They all have a tendency to use their sharp minds to their advantage and get ahead in the world.

For Aries, it’s a matter of being able to put his analytical cap on, think fast and make the best decisions. Leo’s mental strength and stamina mean he stays focused on the task and never gives up. And Sagittarius can flush out his negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones, which has an amazing effect on his life.

19-Aries: He Makes The Best Decisions Quickly

Strong and confident, Aries is a fantastic decision-maker. He has a vision that’s clear and untainted by distractions, so he can always process what he sees around him quickly in order to make the best decision. Sure, at times this sign can be impulsive, but most of the time he keeps his cool long enough to make wise choices. This is a good power to have because Aries doesn’t get himself into trouble by making bad decisions, and he also doesn’t lose opportunities by waiting too long to act. Instead, he has the ability to make the right decision quickly.

18-Leo: He Will Never Give Up

Persistence and resistance are two keys to success, and Leo has them both.

No matter what he has to do, Leo will push himself toward his goals until he gets there. He doesn’t take no for an answer and is greatly skilled at finding alternate routes toward his dreams when one door is shut in his face. This fire sign is blessed with confidence, so when people tell him to stop dreaming or give up, he brushes them aside like sweat off his face. He often has an advantage over others because while they can be persuaded to give up, he never does.

17-Sagittarius: He Knows How To Stay Positive

Staying positive when things are going smoothly is pretty easy, but it’s a lot harder to keep smiling when your world is crumbling around you. Sagittarius, the eternal optimist, is good at doing both, which gives him power over others. A positive attitude gives you an advantage in just about every area of life—he’s more likable because he’s happy and friendly, he doesn’t get caught up in self-pity, and he believes in himself without losing hope. Even when things don’t go his way, he keeps a smile on his face and earns admiration from those around him.

16-The Fire Signs Feel Powerless When People Make Them Mad

Though all signs have moments when they’re powerful, they also have times when they feel totally powerless. For the fire signs, that happens when people get under their skin and make them mad.

These signs are prone to losing their tempers and coming completely undone when someone does something to make them angry.

All their good points go out the window when they fly into one of their rages, and this makes them feel like they’ve lost control of everything. But luckily these moments of rage don’t last very long, and they can always pick up the pieces afterward.

15-The Earth Signs Are Composed When They Need To Be

Staying cool and in control of your emotions is probably one of the best traits to have in life. People who can do this don’t risk lashing out at the wrong time, in front of the wrong person, or making silly decisions while they’re overcome by all the feelings. The earth signs are the best at staying cool under pressure. Taurus is always pretty down to earth, while Virgo is able to pull it together in times of stress, even if he’s not every other day. And composed Capricorn actually works better under pressure than without it.

14-Taurus: He Keeps Down To Earth

Some signs can get carried away by emotions and people, and end up losing themselves when they get blown off track. But Taurus, an earth sign, is great at keeping his feet firmly on the ground. He stays rooted to his beliefs and values and doesn’t easily stray from the track he set off on. Unlike some other signs, he’s not gullible or impressionable, so it’s really hard for people to take him for a ride.

He’s got a strong grasp on reality, which helps him to make the best decisions, and doesn’t get lost in fantasy.

13-Virgo: He Stays Calm In A Crisis

Sometimes even the calmest of people can lose it in a crisis, but Virgo’s power is that he can keep his cool at the most stressful of times. It’s interesting because Virgo is by nature a worry-wart, and he tends to freak out over the small things. But something switches when there’s a real emergency, and he gets it all under control. Though he’s kind of stressed on a day-to-day basis, he’s the best person to have by your side in a crisis because he knows that he has to stop stressing and act calmly in order to make it through.

12-Capricorn: He Works Best Under Pressure

Capricorn is similar to Virgo in that he actually thrives under pressure and stress. This is a valuable skill to have because when pressure comes along, it knocks over many people just like a strong wave at the beach. But Capricorn knows how to ride the wave. He’s quite a disciplined and dedicated sign and stays motivated to succeed, even when there’s no pressure to do so. But when there is pressure, he’s all the more motivated.

He has an advantage over others here because he isn’t defeated by the high pressure of an important situation like others can be.

11-The Earth Signs Feel Powerless When They Need To Follow Their Own Advice

The earth signs are excellent at advising others and being there when people need them to be. But when they have to be there for themselves and take their own advice? Not so much. These signs are generous and are much better at giving than receiving. They can be strong and composed when other people need them to be, but when the situation involves only them, they can never muster up the same strength. This comes from their selfless nature. When they support others, they feel powerful. But when they have to support themselves, they can really struggle.

10-The Air Signs Are Clever And Intelligent

Intelligence has always helped humans to go far in life.

The air signs—Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius—are extremely intelligent and clever by nature, and are able to use their brains to rise to the top.

When it comes to Gemini, he uses his intelligence to make others laugh, which in turn makes him more likable. Libra carefully chooses how he talks to people, which improves his relationships and earns him respect. And then there’s Aquarius, who knows how to make his own judgments about people without giving into stereotypes or prejudice.

9-Gemini: His Wit Makes Him Funny

Being funny might not seem like a valuable characteristic to have, but it actually helps people to succeed in life. People who are funny, particularly if they’re funny because they’re clever and witty, are generally quite likable. Even if they annoy you sometimes, it’s hard to totally hate them because they make you laugh! So really, Gemini has the power of being likable through his sense of humor, which is priceless. He can make a joke out of just about anything, and this helps him to get away with a lot more than the average person would.

8-Libra: He Can Speak With Tact

Words are important, and if you don’t know how to express yourself properly, you’ll come across problems again and again in your life. Libra is lucky enough to be an excellent communicator and always speaks with tact. When he has to deliver bad news, he does so in a way that’s gentle.

He can persuade people to see things from his point of view by simply wording his sentences a little differently.

There are endless advantages that being tactful gives you, and Libra enjoys them all. Being such a fantastic speaker usually helps him rise to the very top.

7-Aquarius: He Treats Everyone Equally

Being treated without prejudice is obviously an advantage, but it’s also an advantage to be able to see through prejudice and treat everyone around you equally. Aquarius knows how to make his own judgments about people rather than letting bias take over, which is a great skill to have. For this reason, Aquarius is usually a humanitarian that people really relate to. Not only does it help him maintain his integrity and become a person that people respect, but he also usually ends up being an excellent judge of character because he doesn’t allow bias to affect his judgments.

6-The Air Signs Feel Powerless In The Face Of Conflict

Not everybody handles conflict well. The air signs are good at many things, but whenever they have to confront somebody or defend themselves against incoming confrontations, they tend to fall apart. Because these signs are naturally sociable and happy, they really don’t like going through hard times like this. They prefer to be on good terms with everyone all the time.

When a problem does arise, they don’t like to deal with it head on, they’ll turn their heads away and pretend it doesn’t exist until it clears up on its own.

So when faced with conflict, they can feel pretty powerless.

5-The Water Signs Are Brave And Honest

There are two common traits of the water signs that make them super powerful. The first is how brave they are. Even when they feel fear in their lives, they don’t allow it to stop them from pursuing what they want anyway. Some of the signs are more easily scared than others, but they all have the ability to carry on with their lives anyway. And then there’s honesty, which Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces all practice to some degree. They’re honest with how they’re feeling, and they’re also honest with others, which helps people to appreciate their friendship.

4-Cancer: He Picks Up On Other People’s Feelings

Picking up on people’s feelings will definitely come in handy throughout life, and Cancer is a master of it. He can always tell when the people around him are secretly sad, happy or even mad at him.

This is a big deal because a lot of people aren’t honest about how they’re feeling, so it’s a skill to be able to see through the charade they put on.

Cancer is also good at getting in tune with his own feelings and understanding how he feels. This helps him to avoid suppressing his feelings and instead will vent them in a healthy way so they don’t eat him up.

3-Scorpio: Very Little Scares Him

There’s no doubt that bravery is power, and Scorpio has that trait in abundance. Not only is he not afraid to chase after the things he wants, ask the questions nobody else wants to ask and go places others dare not, but it takes a lot to really get under his skin. This is a sign with a very strong stomach who isn’t easily upset by things that would confront others. Scorpio can use this to his advantage by brushing off things that really worry other signs and not allowing fear to dictate what he does and doesn’t do.

2-Pisces: He Lets Bygones Be Bygones

Pisces is well-known in astrology as the sign with unlimited creativity and intuition, but he’s also a wiz when it comes to forgiving people and letting the past go. Though someone may hurt him a lot, he is often able to move past that pain because he understands that holding onto anger only hurts himself. This might not sound like a power, but it is!

He isn’t held back by old grudges and is able to live his life free from anger.

Plus, people in his life respect him for being able to get over things so easily.

1-Water Signs Feel Powerless When People Threaten Their Loved Ones

The water signs are fiercely protective of their loved ones, and when people threaten anybody that they care about, it hits them in the heart. They feel like they can never do enough to give back to the people they love, so when someone does attack their loved ones, it makes this insecurity they have even worse. Though they do feel powerless and awful when people come for their loved ones, the water signs do retaliate pretty severely. It’s always better not to cause a tidal wave by respecting the loved ones of the water signs.


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