When We Should Forgive Our Man Vs. When We Should Forget Him, Based On Astrology

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Since there’s no rulebook for love, we often find ourselves completely confused with what to do when things get a little tough. All relationships completely differ from one another; often making it difficult to seek advice when issues arise. We all have our own rules when it comes to love, making it totally acceptable for someone else to have their own.

Our Astrology experts at TheTalko have narrowed down the one mistake each sign is willing to forgive in a relationship and the one mistake that they will never forget. If you find yourself dealing with some relationships issues, we guarantee that our list will help you make up your mind as to what’s right and what’s wrong.

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While all relationships vary, each sign has an inner moral compass towards what is right wrong. That’s why some signs are willing to forgive their partner’s mistakes, while others would never let it slide. We all have a strict line between what is acceptable and what isn’t. However, just because one sign might be willing to forgive their significant other’s small mistake, another sign might just end it.

Simply remember that your relationship is between you and your partner. If an issue arises, it’s your call whether to forgive or forget your boo. Don’t listen to anyone trying to convince you otherwise!

24-Sagittarius Forgive Him: If He’s Just Trying To Read Your Mind

As a Sagittarius, you’d be the first to admit that your answers aren’t exactly direct. Could you even blame your partner for trying to figure out what you’re thinking?

If your partner seems to be asking some rather interesting questions, don’t take it personally!

He’s simply trying to figure you out and what you’re thinking. While we completely understand that you don’t appreciate him trying to read your mind, we don’t even blame him. Try to express what you’re thinking and feeling to your partner. We promise that simply letting him know what’s going on in your head will help him stop trying to constantly read your mind and coming to his own conclusions.

23-Sagittarius Forget Him: If He Feels Threatened By Your Success

If your man ever feels threatened by your success, it’s time to let him go. This is his own internal conflict that he hasn’t come to terms with; there is no point in stressing yourself over his own mistake. Instead of trying to work through this issue, there is almost no hope.

You can’t force your lover to give you the respect that you deserve. Most of all, you shouldn’t be trying to convince your partner to not feel threatened. You’ve worked incredibly hard for your success that no one should make you feel bad about it. If your man can’t appreciate the amazing person he has right in front him, you shouldn’t force him to!

22-Pisces Forgive Him: If He Embarrasses You In Public

As a Pisces, you’re often self-centered and introverted when it comes to social occasions. You’re so not a party animal, but your partner might just be!

If your man happens to embarrass you here and there, simply let it slide.

When it comes to social settings, the two of you are just completely opposite. However, don’t think that your partner is trying to make a scene or embarrasses you. He simply has a different partying method that causes him to become the center of attention. Talk to your lover about his unpredictable and extravagant ways, we’re sure he’ll tone it down a little once he knows you’re not comfortable with it!

21-Pisces Forget Him: Pushing You To Absolutes

If your man is ever trying to convince you of something or else you’ll lose him, it’s time to let him go. No one should place their partner in a situation where they have to choose the relationship over something else that might be important to them. If you find yourself being stuck in a predicament whether to choose your relationship over something you care about, you should definitely leave your partner.

This is an unhealthy dynamic to have to any relationship. If your man is trying to convince you that this is okay, it’s totally not. Make sure to put yourself first above anything else. However difficult it may be, you’ll have to let your man go if he keeps forcing absolutes on you!

20-Aquarius Forgive Him: If He Overreacts Here And There

No one is perfect, and neither is your lover. That’s why it’s only normal that your partner may mess us here and there by overreacting. We all have a breaking point, and it’s your responsibility to be there for your partner if he reaches one.

We all overreact a little here and there so it’s only right that you try to figure out the issue that caused your man to act a little out of line.

While this isn’t that much of a big deal, there may be a bigger problem beneath the surface. Communicate with your man to figure out if there is something causing him distress and forcing him to overreact. Talking it out is the secret to figuring out any issues you might find yourself trying to overcome!

19-Aquarius Forget Him: If He Shares Your Private Info

If your partner even considers sharing your personal information with someone else, it’s time to leave him. There is no point in being with someone who doesn’t respect you. While you might think it’s okay to forgive your man for this innocent mistake, there is no guarantee that it won’t happen again.

Instead, you have to let him go in order to protect yourself. Your significant other is someone who should love and care for you unconditionally. If instead, you find yourself in a relationship where you feel threatened that your personal information might be exposed, we recommend that you run in the other direction. If you cannot trust your partner, there is no point in being with him.

18-Leo Forgive Him: If He Accidentally Insults You

As a Leo, you totally understand that if your partner accidentally insults you that he probably didn’t mean it. We all have bad jokes and your man’s witty comeback may have been a little too close to home.

Communicate with your partner and let him know that his insult was something you’re not okay with!

We all make mistakes so you should definitely give your man a second chance. If he doesn’t change his comments once you’ve talked to him about it, then it’s him in the wrong. However, if it’s a little comment that you simply didn’t appreciate, there’s no point ending a whole relationship just over one little mistake.

17-Leo Forget Him: He Keeps Lying

If you keep on catching your man in endless lies, it’s time to let him go. The key to making any relationship work is an element of trust. If your partner doesn’t offer this, then there is nothing he can do to make up for it. There is no reason whatsoever that your partner should be lying to you.

Whether he’s trying to cover something up, manipulate the truth, or put himself in a better light, lying is completely unacceptable. You will eventually reach a point where you cannot trust any word that comes out of your man’s mouth. At that point, you’ll be forced to run in the opposite direction once things get even crazier. Stick up for yourself and stop putting up with these lies.

16-Aries Forgive Him: For Anything In His Past

Whatever is in your partner’s past, is his past. There is no point in starting issues with him in regards to his old life since that is not who he is anymore. We guarantee that the last thing you want is to start a fight over the person your partner once was instead of the amazing person he is now.

No one would appreciate having their past dug up and fought about, including you.

We all have a few secrets that we would like to keep in the past and pretend never happened. If your partner doesn’t act like the person he once was, there is no point torturing him over it. No one should be forced to answer for any mistake they made back in the day. As long as your partner has moved past these terrible ways, you two are good to go!

15-Aries Forget Him: If He Never Puts You First

A loving unconditional relationship is one where both people put the other person first. If it seems like your man is incapable of this, it’s time to find someone new. If your man just never seems to put you first, then you have to reconsider if it even is a relationship.

While it might be fine to forgive your boyfriend here and there if he chooses something over you such as hanging out with his friends instead of going to your family get together. However, if this is a constant occurrence then it’s totally time to forget your man. If he isn’t willing to put you first then he simply isn’t committed to you. There is no point in staying with someone who doesn’t respect you.

14-Scorpio Forgive Him: For Being Too Hard On You

As a Scorpio, you constantly have high standards that you are trying to reach. That’s why it was only right that you fall for a special someone who have the same high standards as you or higher.

Don’t get mad at your partner if he seems to be pushing you to achieve your absolute best.

He simply knows that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to, and he’s trying to help by pushing you to achieve it. Your man knows your potential and isn’t scared to let you know when you’re not reaching it. If you feel like he’s being a little too harsh then talk to him about it. Just remember that all of your man’s comments are coming through a place of love and support. It’s like having your own personal cheerleader!

13-Scorpio Forget Him: If He Keeps Trying To Manipulate You

Absolutely no one deserves to be in a relationship where they are being manipulated. As a Scorpio, you absolutely don’t take any disrespect from anyone, especially your lover. That’s why if you find yourself being manipulated by your man, it’s time to end the relationship.

As a Scorpio, you constantly demand respect from whoever you’re with. You are so not willing to put up with someone who keeps on trying to twist your words just to get things to go their way. You’re smart enough to be able to see right through all of these lies and are so not going to put up with it. We don’t even have to tell you to forget your man if he tries to manipulate you even once.

12-Cancer Forgive Him: If He’s Acting Irritated

We all get over from time to time, including your man. You can’t expect him to act like the calm and stable lover always there for you through your every need.

Your man might get irritated from time to time, and it’s hard to even blame him.

We all get a little snappy when we’re super stressed out and anxious. Especially if we were already in a bad mood prior to some major issue we just can’t seem to figure out. While we can wish that our partners are constantly in a good mood ready for the day, it’s only reasonable that your partner gets a little irritated here and there. Be there for him and try to talk to him about any issues that might be stressing him out!

11-Cancer Forget Him: If He Expects You To Change For Him

As a Cancer, you absolutely know who you are and what you want. That’s why you’re the last person willing to change for absolutely anyone if they ask. Since you adore your partner for who they really are, you expect the exact same in return.

We don’t even have to tell you that this is completely unacceptable as you already know. You’ve worked hard to become the person that you are and aren’t willing to change anything for the world. If instead your partner doesn’t respect and appreciate who you are, it’s time to let him go. There is no point in staying with someone who will never appreciate everything you have to offer.

10-Capricorn Forgive Him: For Getting Jealous Easily

Your man simply knows what an amazing catch you are and is so not willing to lose what he has. We can’t even blame him for acting a little jealous here and there. He is so obsessed with you that he’s constantly wondering how the rest of the world isn’t.

If you catch your man acting a little jealous, know it’s because he totally adores you!

If you feel like he’s going completely overboard then talk to him about it. Simply explain to him that there is absolutely no reason that he should be threatened. If he keeps acting jealous, consider if any of your actions are causing for him to feel this way. Make sure to shower your man with endless attention and admiration, he totally deserves it!

9-Capricorn Forget Him: Trash Talking Your Closest Friends

It doesn’t matter if you’re completely head over heels for your man. If he simply doesn’t respect your closest friends and family members, he is so not worth it. You absolutely adore everyone around you and aren’t about to put them second just to make your man happy.

As a Capricorn, you demand the respect of the people you care about, including your man. There is absolutely no reason you would want to stay with someone who doesn’t respect your closest friends. Your man should definitely know that trash talking the people in your life is completely unacceptable. If he strongly feels this way, then he will be happy to know that he never has to talk to them again once you leave him!

8-Libra Forgive Him: If He Sometimes Doesn’t Appreciate All You Do

We completely understand that you might not feel like your partner appreciates everything that you do for him. It sometimes feels like you give your absolute self to him, and he doesn’t even acknowledge it whatsoever.

Forgive him here and there if he doesn’t appreciate everything that you do for him.

He’s probably not used to being showered with so much effort from a significant other. Talk to your lover about this and see what’s stopping him from appreciating all of your love. He probably doesn’t expect you to do everything that you do for him and doesn’t want to continuously thank you since you’ll keep doing it. Remember that your partner loves you for you and not everything you’re constantly doing for him!

7-Libra Forget Him: If He Flirts With Any Girl That Isn’t You

As a Libra, you are incredibly confident in yourself. You’re not about to let any man disrespect you at all. That’s why if you find your lover flirting with any girl that isn’t you, it’s time to leave him. There simply isn’t any excuse that your man can give you for his inappropriate actions.

You absolutely agree that there is no situation where flirting with girls is acceptable whatsoever. You are so not going to deal with this and are strong enough to run in the opposite direction. If your man thinks he can get away with flirting, think about what he can get away with in the future. You deserve his absolute attention, and nothing else. While it might be hard to leave at first, it’s better than ending up heartbroken.

6-Gemini Forgive Him: If He’s Just Trying To Protect You

As a Gemini, you’re always looking to grow and experience new things! While you might be ready to jump into the world head first, your partner might be a little worried for you.

If you catch him getting a little jealous and irritated, it’s probably because he’s just trying to protect you.

Your man adores you so much that he doesn’t want to see you get hurt. That’s why it sometimes seems like he is trying to stop you from following your dreams. He’s terrified you’ll get crushed and that is the last thing he wants to see happen. You’ll have to reassure your lover that there is nothing to worry about and that you will be okay!

5-Gemini Forget Him: If He Doesn’t Make You Happy

While it might be a little harsh to leave your partner solely based on your personal happiness, it’s something you have to do. At the end of the day, if your man doesn’t make you happy, it’s time to ditch him.

We only live once so there is no point in torturing ourselves in a relationship that isn’t fulfilling. We deserve so much more than this and that’s why as a Gemini you’re willing to pull the plug in a relationship if it doesn’t offer you everything that you want. While it might be hard at first, we promise that you will eventually meet someone even better that makes you happy and head over heels!

4-Taurus Forgive Him: When He Forgets Those Special Dates

While it might feel like an absolute stab in the heart, your partner is only human and might forget a few special dates here and there. Just know that he is more than sorry and is willing to make up for it.

Don’t expect him to keep up with your monthly anniversaries, but maybe at least the yearly ones.

However, if he forgets a special date, let it slide. He feels absolutely terrible about it and can barely forgive himself. Remember that doing fancy surprises to celebrate these special dates does not declare your love for the other person. As long as your relationship is going perfectly, there is no reason to stress out over these dates!

3-Taurus Forget Him: If He Expects You To Ditch Your Values For Him

As a Taurus, you are so not willing to change yourself for a man. Especially if this involves ditching your values to make him happy. You aren’t scared to stand strong for what you believe in! If your man expects you to ditch your values for him, he is so not worth it.

A loving boyfriend will respect whatever you believe in. Don’t settle for a relationship where your partner expects you to fully change and forget about everything you value just to satisfy him. This is a completely unhealthy relationship that no one should find themselves in. Make sure to stick up for yourself and never settle for less than you deserve!

2-Virgo Forgive Him: If He’s Not Willing To Constantly Spend

We completely agree that it feels annoying to want to run away into the sunset with someone who only wants to walk. However, you’re going to have to respect your partner for wanting to go at their own pace. You would obviously want the same respect from your man if you weren’t ready to take the next step.

Your lover probably wants to take things slow and not rush anything.

Rushing things will only cause for you two to start things you aren’t ready for! While it might be annoying to not have your partner on your level, it’s something you have to forgive. Make sure to respect his pace as much as he respects yours. Only then will the two of you run away into the sunset together when both of you are ready!

1-Virgo Forget Him: If You’re Not Being Treated Properly

You deserve nothing but the best. That’s why if your man doesn’t seem to offer you the respect you deserve, it’s time to ditch him. As a Virgo, you absolutely know your worth and demand to be respected by your partner. If he instead doesn’t treat you properly, it’s time to let him go and move onto the next.

A loving relationship should make you happier than ever. Let’s just say that you won’t exactly be happy if you constantly feel like your man doesn’t treat you properly. You deserve the absolute world and shouldn’t settle for someone who isn’t willing to offer it to you!

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