Why Women Lose Passion With the Men They Love

Passion, sad to say, has its curfew. It’s normal for the passion to simmer down between long-term couples. What’s also possible is for women to lose passion for their men even if their relationship hasn’t passed its long-term status, and here’s why. She’s seen your true colors It doesn’t matter how long a woman and her partner have been together. Once she catches a glimpse of the type of person he really is and she doesn’t like it, the passion will undoubtedly slip away. She’s too used to the way things are It’s so easy to lose passion when things become a routine. Not everything should be predictable. Who doesn’t love a bit of excitement in their lives? He’s barely there If a woman really loves her man or is super interested in him, but he doesn’t spend time with her often — that interest alone can slowly start to melt away. Who wants a companion in life when he’s not really there anyway? She’s going through something There are many events that can take place that can turn a woman off of many aspects of her life, including her partner. If there is a significant change in her life that has taken its toll on her, it’s possible she just needs some support. She doesn’t feel desired On top of romance and intimacy, a woman loves to feel totally and utterly desired by her man. She wants her inner goddess to flourish when she’s with him. She craves special moments that will help maintain the connection.]]>